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So, I guess we've all seen the commercials for Scream 4. All I want to know is WHY???? I don't know about everyone else, but the Scream franchise was either the corniest or top 3 corniest I've ever seen and I don't know why anyone would waste their time all these years later with a sequel.


P.S. No disrespect to Wes Craven....he's still the man in my book. Every director starts getting a little soft as they age.

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The 1st Scream was good...after that they just started beating a dead horse!

Its all about the $. I never liked Scream movies. it reminds me of a pg13 era, where there was a shortage of gory horrors.

But lets not forget Wes directed the Hills Have Eyes, Last house on the Left and A Nightmare on Elm St. He pioneered gritty horror but i have to say Scream movies blow.

that was me that said that. i was signed in as Amy by mistake.


Michael Myers is the one needs to come back instead of Ghostface
Definitely...gotta love Michael. We recently met Nick Castle from the original Halloween and now Komrad Sunyak has a photo from it signed by everyone who played him...even stunts. He's a nutjob but that's definitely a collector's delight. Ghostface was so stupid. Not to reveal my age because it's unbecoming of a lady, but I was 12 when the 1st Scream came out and it didn't even scare me back then. Thanks for your response Komrad!

I'm still planning on seeing it even though I don't expect to like it much. Sorry to be a downer for all of you guys who are awaiting it. I just wasn't a fan of the franchise and with the parodies about movies of its type, I just find it to be more comical than scary.

I enjoyed all the the Scream Trilogy. This movie is a extra added bonus and I kan't wait!
i loved these movies. i want to be there on opening day for this one.
Thanks for all your responses guys...Love em or hate em, every horror movie is great in its own right!
I was never into Scream.  I saw the first one on video and wasn't that impressed.  It was a big gimmick that appealed more to the MTV crowd than hardcore horror fans. 
Come Ryuk you are being to harsh. I am a hardcore horror fan and I really enjoy SCREAM!


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