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Ok so, I play my PS3 quite a lot, and I wanted to know if anyone here has a PS3 or an Xbox, incase anyone wanted someone to kick ass with. I only have a PS3, did have an Xbox, but Red ring of death took it from me :(

My psn is shadowscope 345, so feel free to hit me up XD


P.S I'll be heartbroken without my PS3 when the apocalypse is among us!

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Haha, I had to get used to it all aswell. Most games allow you to change the controls though, so all is good! XD
God I miss all my PS2 games though! I had so many games for it that I loved playing! The PS1 was beast though!
Such amazing games! They are currently selling the Atari in Asda stores in England now, even the Gamecube as collectors editions!
I'm only young and was pretty much born in the PS1 era XD
Man I fucking loved the Dreamcast! Best system ever in my opinion, though it didn't have all the bells and whistles of the games these days it still could have made it to be one of the top systems today if Sega had only kept on working with it.
i dont have either one. for the most part i am trying to wean myself of luxury items when the apocalypse begins.
If you buy solar panels you should be good on buying an Xbox or PS3 or Wii, just so long as you don't like online all that much.
We love our XBOX. I would play a PS3 if we had one, but my friends are on XBOX Live which is much of the reason why I keep up my membership. Wish it was cheaper, but it's worth it for me to keep it.
I love PS3 but we only have the Xbox and it is wonderful. I can't even imagine the last decade without Halo in my life.
Video games are the shizz!

I have a PS3 i am sure going to be playing it tomomrrow Freddy Krueger Comes too Mortal Kombat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xbox gamer tag ladywickedwolf


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