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Wowwww that gave me goose bumps just reading it I could just imagine going thru it .. Good one I liked that one 

there is a place here in Ohio that has a small bridge. the bridge has a legend that at 12:00 at night. every night. you could here the ghost of a baby crying. reason being that in the 1940's a car crashed into the water from that bridge in the winter. at least thats how i heard it. well anyway, me and 7 friends went to this bridge around 11:30 so we had plenty of time to park and get set up to hear anything at all. and at exactly 12:00 midnight we heard it. a baby crying around the bridge and only around the bridge. and before i forget. since the accident in the 40's, the name of the legend concerning the bridge is called CRYBABY BRIDGE by the locals. we searched around the bridge for hours. we NEVER found a baby or any sign of a baby anywhere. we searched all night. nothing. the crying didnt stop till 5:00 am. i didnt know it until the following day. but one of my buddies had a tape deck set to RECORD all that happend that night. it was very clear what the tape picked up. IT WAS A BABY CRYING. no mistaking it.



the bridge is no longer in use. but you can still get to it at any given time of the day or night.

I would never go there lmaoo ..SCARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

way back when I used to work as a meat cutter, I was getting ready to go to work (worked 5-2) so this was around 4 something in the morning. As I was getting ready to get in my car these 2 crack heads come outta nowehere and scared the shit outta me! They were asking me all kinds of questions (dont really remember) but when they asked if I lived at the house where I came outta I thought I was done. That was the one and only time I thought I was gonna get killed. The reason being because of my step father and shit going down on the streets. But when they said You're Andy's brother huh(my brother) I finally calmed down.

All they wanted was some baking soda so they could cook up some coke into rock.......we didnt have any!! LOL!

Two words: false imprisonment. Enough said.

there are alot of haunted places here in my town.

there is an old covered bridge here...never did learn the name of the damn thing.

no one will walk through it late at night....the further you walk in, the darker it gets....the bridge is only 63 ft long.

there used to be an old clinc that was open back in 64....closed after the owner passed away.

the bulding was locked up in probait for years.

it was said that the place was huanted by the folks that died there...all kinds of crazy shit have happen there.

one halloween a few buddies and me decided we were going to explore the place.

we brought all the shit we thunked we would need. axe, flash lights...rope.

the others tried the back side of the bulding, me and dale( main bud o'mine) took the front door.

we were working on the lock when we heard the others come screaming from around the side.

they ran pass us and keep going....dale was gone like a shot. leaving me stair after them.

i felt someting brush the back of my neck, heard heavy breathing...i never looked behind me...i think i passed the others up.

never found out what they saw....and i don't want to know.

That is some scary stuff!
But you already did so technically you over came
your scariest encounter thanks to JK hahahaha
Wow now thats crazy holy shit .. I get creeped out myself when I think about being maggot food cause I hate maggots one of my biggest fears just don't like the fact that they breeed out of flesh and shit omg talking about it makes my skin crawl... Ahhhhhhhhhhh I'm out
You're a zombie!
you're my kind of insane buddy, but still insane none the less


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