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ok.imagine now.you've killed the zombie in your house.you've out run and fought the horde's out side.

you've teamed up with some werid people.its a couple of months into the zombie outbreak.

now its ok to think you can stock pile water and food,were do you live ?in a shopping mall?

how much space do you have?and realy do you think you could stay sane living under the same roof and not going out for years?

what is everones long term plan of survival?


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true.but it seems to me,people are armed to the teeth,trained for fighting but not to clued up on lastng more than the first part of a out break.just wondering if anyone has thought out the whole thing out.planning and preperasion pervents piss poor performance.and im sure the plan would be.1.place that i can stay,ie running water.2.shelter.3.food(wild) such as rabbits etc.4.growing food.5.a strong hold against the dead.6.med stuff.

thats the thing i was thinking.




oh and how and route to where i want to go.BIG part of the plan.
Adjusting to cold environments is easier then most would think it to be. ask Joy. Ohio is a fucking sauna in the summer. but in winter it is a whole new ballgame. i love winters here because of the cold. so if i had to go north, i could adapt easy to the cold. one more point of order. when it comes to solar power. if you wire up your stronghold to take it. you can power up a whole building to run on it including the heating and air conditioning if you want. the home i live in now is nothing but electric power. so if we had it rigged for solar energy, we would have it made in that respect.

see its not all about fire power is it!

ha i knew this Discussion would bring out more qustions then answers.

its easy getting out.

But harder living with boredom,lonleness etc.like i said,easy storing stuff,ammo ,guns, food and water.

dont forget the fact dogs would go back to being wild ,other animal may turn feral,other human going crazy.the list is endless.so simple hicking would be suciude.

but whats your plan if your "place of saftey" gets over ran?

what if other people want your stored stuff?

its not the fact in you'll need a plan b.you'll need a plan b,c,d all the way to z.






im trying now my self to work it out.the more i think about it the more problams there are!

disaster.spot on word.

im praying that this never happen's.lol



well unholy,as much as you are right.and you total are.

that is what the makes it all so real.

thats why i opened this topic.you me and everone would have to be 100% so differnt.


i DONT mock or think i know it all.cause i dont and never will.but what i want to talk about here is the realism of the shock of ever thing we know gone....

and what is worst the fact that it will never return.

how on earth could we .....me ...you...or anyone could deal with that?

thats what why i started this topic.

i have no answer.but i would and love to share the answer if we could find it.

joykiller put it in a way i loved.this site is for fun.

but imagine if just the people on this site alone survied.then hey.it worked.

I think this is a real good question. Most of us on this site are well-trained enough to see out the initial chaos but what next?


I tell ya, I've done hours of research into this area - some of the work has involved some honourable members here but I keep my answer short.

You cannot stay in your home for years - you'll run out of something sooner or later. The challenge is to find a sustainable survival location - a shopping mall may be a useful site. You're gonna need to think about defence from zombies but also human raiders...

My plan is to saty put (i'm in London) for the first 60-90 days or so then explore a long-term location - maybe get out of the city. Trying to run from a city this big would be suicide...


So much to think about.....

ha yeah.but have you seen zombie fleash eaters?

the zombie may not "swam"but he stuck it all over that shark.

you would'nt want to go surfing or have a quick dip in the sea.

and how long till they start popping up?bloody zombies.......

there harder to stop than i thought.!

i like the bit when she's getting ready to dive.long haired bloke all chilled.

the other two not knowing where to look.lol

a top scene.

well your man peter knew where to look.ha ha

I love that movie..I think I might watch it tonight if I can find it. I really need to alphabetize our movies one of these days


i got curious and did a little looking around when it came to how long it would take a body to float up to the surface after death. when it comes to a dead body floating to the surface after death, it all depends on one thing. does the body have any kind of abdominal wounds? if yes, the body gases have a means of getting out. so the body will never come to the surface. however. if the abdomin is intact. no stomach injuries at all. it would only take a matter of three days to float up to the surface of the water. now here comes another pisser. when the body floats up. the body gases will still continue to build up. build up to the point that the abdomin explodes. after that happens, the body could very easily sink again and the zombie walk the bottom of the ocean floor to continue to rot. this however can also be a fast or slow event. reasons being the cold or warmth of the water and the current. so many variables. so many outcomes.


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