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Hey, I have a few questions about the site before I dedicate any time to it.

1. Can someone give me a history of the site
2. In what ways, if any, are you guys better than joy killar's site- www.zombiefiend.com ?
3. What's with the rivalry?

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Hello Cathrine O'hara this thread made me laugh! -KOMRADZ READY TO KILL-

hmmm...well, being as how I was away during this post, this is my first time seeing this...so anything ever come of this, or are we just going with Swag's and others perceptions?

as far as Anthony and the KINDER DIDDLER being one in the same goes. they are definitely two different people. i had way to much experience with Anthony and he is not the DRUNKEN KINDER DIDDLER. so that theory is a moot point for me. but when it comes to Ms. O'hara. i still have my doubts and always will because Vee hit it on the head. WHY NOT POST A PROFILE PIC? as of late i have yet to see it happen thus far.

-looks for a likes button to click repeatedly- lol

But I agree with my KOMRAD!!


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