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Fight or Flight is a popular topic amongst survival enthusiasts and zombie fanatics alike.

The idea is simple, a given set of circumstances will lead to the introspective idea of fighting or fleeing a situation. If you are lost in the woods and come across an aggressive animal, do you engage that animal or do you try to escape it.


This is no different in a zombie outbreak situation. You are out and about and you come across a zombie. Do you kill it? A group of zombies. Do you do your best Tallahassee impersonation and go into beast mode? Or do you try to avoid them? A horde? What do you do?


The threats of a zombie apocalypse can be likened to any other survival situation. Engaging has its pros and cons. Should you run into a police officer zombie, you could engage, kill, and loot the body for possible ammunition or weaponry. Likewise, in engaging said zombie you could produce enough noise to attract others who may be nearby. If you survive the one, that is. This is similar to being lost in the woods and coming across an animal, whether that animal be a predator or prey, you could become injured or attract the attention of a larger predator.


What would the circumstances need to be for you to choose one or the other?

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nice one. if i found i was in a zombie situation. i would take the route that would keep me off the main city streets like back streets and alleys. most zombies will be where the food is. that will be easy to figure out, just listen for the screams. as a result. any zombies i encounter will be far and few between. so if i came across a zombie cop. i could take the goodies easy with a good melee weapon (i use a cane in my day to day life so i always have a melee weapon). if not. then stay to the back streets and alleys to avoid my predators so as not to get a large group or hoard. so by taking the back streets and alleys. i would say avoid at all cost unless the need arises to confront one. since very few will have a ccw permit and some live where they cant get one. to try and do a "Tallahassee" and go whole hulk on every zombie i saw would be just plain suicide. EVADE, ADVANCE, and ESCAPE would be the plan until i got home. then all bets are OFF!

I'm with KOMRAD RHINO.  I'd stay on the periphery of populations centers and find ways to scrounge weapons, supplies, and food.  

I know live in a fairly large city and while I would hate to leave my home, I'd definitely get out of town.  

As far as the lone zombie cop, I'd definitely consider taking it out for its resources.  It would also be a weighing of risk vs. reward.  A lone zombie with no other zombies around and I'm confident with my weapon, then I'm taking it out.  

R.J. Spears

   I'm not sure how I would re-act. I know all I'll be worried about is getting to my family. Now I will say this, if it came to be that I was able to come across a zombified cop, i would have to take the chance and take the cop out and take his gear. But my main worry will be getting to my wife and kids. 

   The bad thing about my situation is my wife can barely walk even with her snap-on tool leg...(L) But even trying to get her and the kids to the car and to get out of town will be a lot of effort. But if we have to walk, I'll be fighting from the start. I have to many people depending on me to keep them alive when the Z-poc begins, so I'll be fighting from the start. With my wife, my brother and my nephew all being handicapped in some way, shape or form, I'll be fighting from the first till the last. I'll be their first and only defense against this shit. Plus not being able to get their medicines during and after zombies, I'll probably be burying three important people in my life...So if I fail, I'm letting my wife, 2 sons, brother, nephew and other family members down...

   So avoiding the zombies won't make much of a difference in my situation. I'll have to fight and keep fighting....

i myself am a disabled man and use a cane to walk. my mother can barely walk and has to use a motorized wheelchair. so i can sympathize with you there. usually i am in the city alone running errands. so my fight would be to get home ASAP. when it comes to staying on the road afterward. i doubt i would do that unless it was just me and my wife who can move way better then even me. lol. and being i live in the country. holding up in the house would be a viable option for a while. if something were to happen that mom was no longer with me. then getting out of dodge and hitting the road will be more of an option then. but i can really sympathize with you on your situation there buddy.

This is always a heavy debate within the zombie community. When is it necessary to stay and fight and when is it necessary to flee the scene? No matter who you ask, you'll always get a different answer depending on the mindset of the individual.The thing about the zombie apocalypse is, you won't constantly be in battle and you won't be required to be constantly in battle. So you will have the option of fight or flight. You will never be called a coward for fleeing the scene. Nobody's asking you to be a hero; just do your best without getting bit.


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