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Children face the zombie apocalypse in Too Young To Die

Posted on April 14, 2014 by Ben

By Ben Bussey

There are few things more likely to push buttons in horror movies than kids in peril. We don’t seem to see too many filmmakers braving that territory these days, perhaps due to the old maxim about children and animals – but in-development British horror Too Young To Die promises to dive headfirst into that tricky area with much gusto, showing a zombie apocalypse from the perspective of a group of young kids. From the look of the trailer below (a proof of concept job, I believe), we shouldn’t anticipate The Monster Squad vs Deadites here. This looks like serious, potentially challenging stuff – and while similar ideas have been explored by Charlie Higson’s The Enemy novels, this looks more akin to the kitchen sink intimacy and claustrophia of Marc Price’s Colin.

Synopsis time:
After a train crash, a small village in the North of England is overrun with the living dead. As the authorities are scattered, a group of children stay hidden in their school, protected by the last few teachers. But when the creatures find a way in, the children find themselves alone and on the run in a city saturated in blood and suffering. Together, they keep each other safe as they look for help and survival, unsure if they are alone in this terror – or if the whole world is now overrun…

Production company Eze as Pi are seeking funding through Indiegogo; check it out here, and/or visit the Too Young To Die site for more info.

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I wonder if it has anything to do with the book?

Has the movie finished production?

I haven't found much more on it, but will be searching most of the day to find out if it's going to be made...I would love to see this....

Well, I was able to find their Indiegogo page and from the looks of it, they didn't reach their goal or targeted production funding...Here's the link and I'll keep looking into trying to find it or at least bring it home....(L)


   Granted this trailer is also located on the Indiegogo page, I feel like it needed to be shared just in case you miss it on the page....

I knew if I looked hard enough, someone would have done something for this movie...Here's the link to the movie's website....


With the new take on survival and even a totally different view on the Z-poc...So I'm going to really be on the scope and the trigger with this movie as much as I can...I think this movie can really be a blessing in helping teach survival skill to younger kids as young as 3 to even 6 years of age...

   Anyways, I sent the Thompson Brothers an email to come look at the thread here and to also find out where they are in production of the movie...Should find out something within the next 48 hours....I'll keep looking around, maybe there's so news leak or something.....

Hi Jessie, everyone.

I'm Hank, one of the co-writers of Too Young to Die, and I thought I'd jump on here and if anyone has a question or anything else, I'm happy to answer! (or even a copy of the script!)

The indiegogo page did not reach its goal, we didn't have the reach we'd hoped as while we've gotten a lot of positive comments and reviews and new fans, we still didn't get near the numbers we hoped for exposure. However this has opened us up a little to talking to some private investors, who we are courting now, fingers crossed, and people like you, zombie fans who want to see something a little different and shocking are the ones who help us get further through those meetings, because you are the guys we want to make the movie for, you prove there is an audience, primed for this!

Also, to answer that question earlier, the film is not based on any book its a completely original script penned by myself and the other two Thompson brothers.

Getting a movie made, even low budget is a lot of battles and its good to know we have a few fans on our side already war crying behind us! Thank you. It means the world to us, to have your support.

Anything anyone would like to say/ask?

- Hank.


Best of luck with your movie production. 

Thank you very much Malice. Doing our best!

- Hank.

This is totally awesome. We have one of the co-writers from the movie, Mr. Hank...One of three of the Thompson Brothers...This is so freakin' awesome...

   So how far are you from your goal in production??   

   What will be the age of the children in which you will be working with??  

   Will there be any adults, besides the adult zombies??

   Where or what location will you most likely be shooting the movie?? 

   Will you be shooting in any exotic locations, such as a night club or anything like that, that don't allow kids in??  My reason for this question is because when being chased or trying to find a place to bed down for the night, you'll take any place that can be locked down...

   Will we get so see any special guest appearances from people we may know from here in the states??  Lets say, like ME!!  (LOL)  


   What made you guys come up with this concept??

   I'm glad you have become part of your family and I know I would love, just like many of us, to see this new movie reach production stage and seen being promoted for American theaters and Drive-Ins...Which we here in Camden still have a Drive in, which is so cool....

   And Hank, feel free to add whatever little update you wish about the movie...

Thanks for coming over...And ask questions....The more buzz we get out there about this movie, the more the investors might push to have this movie made....

 So how far are you from your goal in production??   

In terms of distance, we're still in the development phase. the script is complete - third draft, we have a couple of actors interested and some investors interested, but until they go from interested to involved, we're stuck waiting on the bank roll. We'd intended to keep this all filmed in the North of England, as the area gets forgotten about when it comes to filmmaking, but as it seems people have been too nervous about putting their money where their mouths are, we're now looking to possibly take the movie to a different country, wherever people want it made.

  What will be the age of the children in which you will be working with??  

The lead children who are there at the start of the movie (though not ALL make it to the end, naturally!) are 5, 7, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, and 14. While we want to get kids as close to the ages as we can, because personally we hate seeing 20 year olds pretending to be 14, we'll go with who looks best to the roles. We'd like to stick around the same ages.

   Will there be any adults, besides the adult zombies??

There is a few adults. But generally, at the start, at the end, leaving the children all alone for 75% of the story. What we felt was most interesting is that if kids are forgotten about during the outbreak, if they start to see adults as just as dangerous as the zombies instead of saviors.

   Where or what location will you most likely be shooting the movie?? 

We intended originally to film it entirely in a small villiage in the North of England. But now we're looking further afield. Possibly America or New Zealand, depending on investment.

   Will you be shooting in any exotic locations, such as a night club or anything like that, that don't allow kids in??  My reason for this question is because when being chased or trying to find a place to bed down for the night, you'll take any place that can be locked down...

The main story takes place over 2 days, so there isn't a lot of time for the kids to need sheltering in that way. but they do go to a few places you might not normally expect. Nothing as fancy as a nightclub or anything as there as by the time their story has started there is no power to the city. There is quite a big stay at a retirement home. Which doesn't go the way the kids intended.

(Young kids surrounded by elderly zombies... Quite a moment.)

   Will we get so see any special guest appearances from people we may know from here in the states??  Lets say, like ME!!  (LOL)  

We have a few actors interested, (devastatingly Bruce Campbell says he is too busy!) but nothing set in stone. However, I think if you were not a zombie, Jessie, that would be a real shame. Wink. Nudge.

   What made you guys come up with this concept??

Wayne has kids and he works as a freelance makeup artist. His daughter, Darienne who was 7 at the time was watching him put together some make up for an actor and she said: "Dad, when the zombies come, you'll be there to protect me right?" and he of course said yes. But then took a pause and thought what if I couldn't? Despite all best intentions.

So he approached me and Jim with a script. We read it and found it pretty average, it had all the normal default zombie story things happening and was just like the walking dead with more kids. (he'd only written it in an hour!) but it let me and Jim time to take it apart and rebuild it. So we spent a few days working out how we could make it really unique and real.

I hope when you get a chance to read the script, or see the final movie somewhere over the rainbow, that you'll agree, its unlike other zombie movies. It takes a few risks we've always wanted to see zombie movies take. More Romero and less Snyder.


I'll give you guys updates at this site whenever we have much in the way of news. We want to get as involved as we can with our fans, as we know there is a lot of people crying out for this kind of a movie and as far as I can see, only watered down versions are listed to come out. (kids vs. zombies is coming out next year, but its a kids movie PG rated, whereas ours is intended as a hard R and will have a fair bit of blood)

Being American myself, I love the drive in mentality. I remember the last one we had in Orlando, which was actually in Sanford closed in the 90s, I was devastated! The other Thompson brothers can't understand as they are British and Bermudian and I don't think either had drive ins. They missed out!

Loving the website and anything else anyone wants to ask or discuss, get in touch!

And please, keep spreading the word and showing how much you want this, that is the kind of support that will secure us the investment.

- Hank.

When your movie is complete I hope it goes to the big screen. This is a film that needs to be seen at a theater.


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