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i'm having some trouble with the flow of my novel and would like to hear what other people think about some of my ideas and concepts.  i'd be more than happy to reciprocate:)

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I am not a writer but I would be willing to help you.
How is your writing going Komrad? Are you ready to publish your novel?

hey komrad!  it's going, haha.  i've actually started writing another book that's a little more linear, but has a lot of the same elements as the blue skies burning series.  it's not finished yet, but i've actually got some people interested in helping me get it published.  i've been getting a lot of positive feedback so far.  if you're interested, i'll preview you some chapters.  just pm me your email.  and thank you so much for checking in, i really appreciate it:)

Do we get a peak here too?
I am interested in read something independent and different. Keep us updated on your writing & progress.

How have you been coming along with your writing? 

Check in 1212!
How has the writing come along?

hey guys, i apologize for the prolonged absence.  i've been dealing with a substantial amount of personal problems the last few months and life has been pretty rough.

i've taken a break from writing my books, but i've been doing a fair amount of writing that i post on my fb page.  search for rodentsoldier and you'll find me.

thanks for not forgetting about me.  it means a lot that some people are still checking up on me.

Have a Happy New Year!


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Greetings Everyone,    Well it's been awhile. As things go, life carries us all in different directions from time to time but you always find your way home sooner or later. Well, life ain't all fun and games, but right now, things are going good. I have restarted my writing on my book again, and as I learn more about about some of the ROle-playing games I have gotten into, I am seriously thinking about rying to create an actual Zombie Survival Role-playing game. But have not set any time…


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