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Alone it sat pondering the thoughts that were so incoherent- like an acid trip gone terribly wrong inside it's fragile skull and seemingly melting brain.

The flames and collapsing building meant nothing to this creature sitting with it's eyes violently shifting within it's head. The convulsions were slowing and now it could feel solidarity as it began to moan and regain it's ability to walk.

Stumbling into the bright embers of the burning building there were papers and pictures of workers melting- the bubbles on the people's faces were popping and the burnt blisters were not affecting our ill fated creature who was now slowly half crawling/half walking to a hollow door way.


The sun was shining and it was slightly overcast when our hero found it's way out side... our hero... is a little... hazy to say the least. 


There are ambulances and cop cars everywhere- it looked to be the scene of a bank robbery or small terrorist attack. Swat trucks, fire men, crowds of people staring- Where the hell was he?


The creature stared into the smoke and screaming looking to see what or... where... or who cared anymore. Lock Jaw kicked in and all signs of thoughts were fading. Who then now- it didn't matter any more.


He walked towards the rescue teams that were approaching with towels and medical care.

"Sir, sir, are you alright?" They came towards it and it felt threatened- so it vomited out of autonomic reaction. "What the fuck is that shit?!?!?" The putrid bile burned the ground as they stared in disbelief at what this thing was or what had come out of it's mouth.


It then jumped towards the paramedic who was trembling and coughing and bit his pale white neck releasing a crimson trail of blood all over his nice pressed white emt shirt. 


"Aghhhgh get it off me get it OFFFFF" he screamed.

The people stared and his friends were in disbelief- it kept on chewing and gnawing at him while they just watched- paralyzed in disbelief and fear.


Finally someone pushed it off as they couldn't believe this was not a human... or person... or something. 


Finally it came at Billy- Billy had been waiting for this type of incident all his life...

Billy joined the Marine Core fresh out of high-school, he had always been obsessed with the idea of a "z-day" or some sort of apocalyptic nightmare. This is why he wanted to serve- there was no way he was going to be caught as a civilian when the shit hit the fan... 


But now- he was just a lowly traffic cop for the NYPD. Sometimes they confused him with a brownie. Well he'd had enough. 


"Ah Fuck this shit!" He pulled out his standard issued 9mm and popped the beast in the chest.


The blood spattered all over as this one was what EMS folks call "a sprayer".

The killed our hero, the creature... and the blood on the group of 4 people began to sizzle a bit and burn. They were all taken to the hospital for a screening and saw psychiatrists afterwards.


Billy was at his meeting for officers who had to discharge their gun drawing a cat on the bottom of his paper... he thought to himself, "what the fuck was it all about? I've never seen anything like that before". 


The center for disease control fire was all over the news but being treated as a terrorist attack.

"9 were injured and 100's saw the hospital for treatment" said the Asian news anchor on the 8pm news. This was a common story everyone around the world heard while not watching their t.v.'s and eating their dinners, talking to their kids, and going about a normal life.


Then something odd happened- each of the 4 individuals that had the blood splashed on them- they woke up in the middle of the night with chest pains and extremely high fevers- next thing anyone knew, their roommates, family members, wives, girflriends, whoever was around them were all found to be missing. 


This strange new disaster keeps getting stranger- Billy didn't like this- he had a feeling something had gone wrong. Next thing you know- hikers began disappearing- dogs- pets- anything with a pulse was just sort of disappearing. 


This writing thing is going south fast. lol.



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The writing is going well. Keep us posted on how Billy is doing.

no- it needs predetermined plot and cannot be typed up so easily.


How has the Wicked Writing been Holding Up?


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