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A Crazy Story About This Woman that Message Me From Yahoo Messenger

This is  a Video, I had made and Just got around To Uploading it 

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Dude, I've met some crazy chicks online. Hell, I even went a visited some of them. Hell, they crazy enough to send the bus ticket, I'm just as crazy to use it to meet them. (LOL) Came across one that sent the bus ticket, used it to go see her, this chick shows up with neon purple hair, make-up that looked like she was Kiss Army reject and I swear the skirt was so shirt that it actually showed her bright pink Minnie Mouse panties.

   I had my worries, I threw cation into the wind and walked up to her and we went out to her car and went to her parents house. Now she looked and talked like she was at least 21, come to find out she was only 17 years old. Her dad pulled me to the side and told me about her, I told him just get me back on the nearest bus and I'm out of here. Then her dad told me that he would be honored to have me sleep with his daughter as long as after her and I slept together that he had a chance to watch me sleep with his wife. Trust me, I thought I could do it, I even argued with myself in the bathroom for about 30 minutes and finally when the girl unlocked the bathroom door just to watch me argue with myself and piss, I waited for the right time and got the hell out. 

   So you can meet some crazy ass people on the net. So I know where you're coming from...Granted back in the days when I didn't care, II used to do some stupid shit. And that was the worst and most dumbest thing I ever done...(ROLFMAO)


PSYCHO BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i met my wife Yeliz on yahoo pool when they had it. we got to know each other for a long time before we met face to face though. and i went to see her where she lived. in Istanbul Turkey. best chance i ever took. best woman i ever met to. but you do have to take a lot of caution when meeting someone online. they could be a good person or a flat out PSYCHO. lol. the worst person i ever met online came to visit ME from Minnesota. and i didnt ask her to come. lol. but anywho. she was a complete psychopath and a major DRUNK!!! the whole time she was here in Ohio was spent PLASTERED out of her dork. sends shivers down my spine thinking about it. lol. see in my state. if someone from another location comes to see YOU and gets hurt or worse. YOU are held responsible. i didnt sleep easy the whole time because i was afraid if i took a hard nap that she would wander out still crocked, get hurt or killed, and my ass be hanging from a tall tree from a short rope. lol. my best day was the day she went BACK to Minnesota. lol.


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