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At 4:00pm on August 26, 2012, The Dread Pirate Boodrow said…

Well HowdY!!! How have you been doing? My friend wants to know if you still like to juggle

At 8:57pm on March 27, 2011, Komrad Kommissar Fennek said…

greetingz klown-it has been awhile hasnt it


At 12:08pm on March 27, 2011, Komrad Lady Sunyak said…


Hi RedRum. I noticed we have a ton of common friends. Figured I should introduce myself lol

At 10:27am on December 25, 2010, Komrad Mercenary☭ said…
At 6:45pm on December 3, 2010, Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ said…
Have A Wicked Wonderful Zombies Weekend...

At 3:43pm on November 27, 2010, Komrad Scarlet Zombie☭ said…
A ghoul in life, I have been called, and so would be in death; let us then, love, be both enthralled as zombies. What loss breath? Our love is worth more than such things as breath and life and laughter; I long to live unlife with you, and eat you ever after.

At 10:33am on November 18, 2010, Wicked Death☭ said…
Dear Friend,

I know this is a frightful imposition and one really should not be bothering you at a time like this...

I need to ask you an awfully big favor dear friend,...

I really don't like to ask you such a thing ..

I know you do such alot for me already and I really wouldn't ask unless I was absolutely desperate...

But could I possibly borrow your face?

Wickedly Waiting,
Wicked Ways
At 10:45am on November 16, 2010, Zombie Killa said…
The Walking Dead will make our week so very WICKED.

At 9:54am on November 12, 2010, Wicked Death☭ said…
Find your WICKED WAYS this weekend.

Raped by the dead, bent over at the grave,
I attack from behind, and you drop your precious roses.
Your warmth rouses me, the hunger burns within
and I laugh at your screams as I tear away your clothing.

Man, Woman, means nothing to me,
I violate their holes, rape the living equally.
When the act's completed, I spill my stinking goo
and as I pull away my rotting cock breaks off in you.

Screams! We Breed! The bitch is oozing with seed
The orgy will not stop, until every corpse has ravaged your twat
We are many and writhing with lust, hate and reek of disgust
Every hole will be torn, battered and dripping with fluids before we are

We are going to hurt you. We are going to fuck you.
We are going to eat you, while you're still alive.
We will sodomize you, tear the insides from you.
We will fuck your ruptured flesh, as you beg to die.

Untold millennia of breeding, a most hideous evolution.
New forms of life after death, and a lust that can never be killed.
We rise from mouldering graves, to beat, to rape and devour you.
Our need can never be sated. Your flesh can never endure our love.

At 6:36am on November 4, 2010, Wicked Death☭ said…
At 7:25am on November 2, 2010, Komrad Mercenary☭ said…

At 8:38pm on October 27, 2010, Komrad Dead Warrior☭ said…
Komrad Dead Warrior☭Sends Wicked Zombie Greetings.

At 10:10pm on October 21, 2010, Komrad Gas Mask Killer☭ said…
Gas Mask
Three eyes or two and a mouth
Gaping, black
A snout-like nose
Diluting the poisons to the vessel within
That face of fear
That skeletal mask
Shields the bearer
From the very air
That he once breathed.

At 7:19pm on August 27, 2010, Komrad Mercenary☭ said…
"This isn't the Republicans versus the Democrats, where we're in a hole economically or... or we're in another war. This is more crucial than that. This is down to the line, folks, this is down to the line. There can be no more divisions among the living!"
Dr. Millard Rausch

At 12:25am on August 25, 2010, Komrad Scarlet Zombie☭ said…
Komrad ~ Red Zombies Are Among Us And Very Dangerous!

At 6:43pm on August 24, 2010, Amber said…
Thank you!!
At 12:23pm on August 21, 2010, Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ said…
kLoWny XOXO wIcKeD lOvE...

At 12:18am on August 20, 2010, Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ said…
Your dedication and loyalty is unwavering.

At 1:57pm on August 9, 2010, Kitty Chainsaw said…
a cute little hip swinging kitty.....just like me....lol ;)
At 2:41am on August 5, 2010, Zombie Killa said…
Beware of the Wicked Zombies!

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