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This section is reserved for those people that we shall throw to the zombies in our efforts to relieve ourselves of there annoying pres sense and slow the zombies down all at the same time. It is always a good idea to multitask when zombies are chasing you. Now OF COURSE this is all in good fun. SOOO... come on guys! WHO DO YOU WANT ADDED TO THE ZOMBIE CHUM LIST?!?!?

How about people that don't say thank you when you stand holding open the door into the convenient store for them

People who ride your ass to try and get you to speed up instead of just going around when your already going 10 over the speed limit!

People who never admit when they are wrong no matter what!

People who are 20 and drive like they are 80!

80 year olds with fast, hot cars!

People that don't use the turning lane...or refuse to use a blinker on their brand new car

OH!!!!! 18 YEAR OLD LIL BRATS WHO HIT ON 27 YEAR OLD WOMEN BY TELLING THEM THEY LIKE OLDER WOMEN!!!! You know.... I heard that happened to someone once and stuff...

How about people who hate their job so much they think its ok to be assholes to you at the drive thru when all you want is your damn food....

People who take forever to leave a parking space while others are clearly waiting for it.

People who wear size 5 shoes.

People who look over at your meal and then, just as you are lifting your fork to your mouth, say in an irritating tone of voice, "Oh, you're not going to eat THAT, are you?"


People who prove on a regular basis that yes, there IS such a thing as a stupid question.

People who latch onto you and rant about everything they can think of until your ears bleed.

Mothers who let their children run around screaming in stores.


People who talk to you as if you were 4 years old.

Whoever invented Valentine's Day.

Little children who seem to be spending their entire summer vacation standing around in their yards and screaming at the top of their little lungs.

Newscasters who smile in a cheerful and friendly manner as they tell you about various recent disasters that have resulted in fatalities.

Morning people.

People who answer rhetorical questions.

Relentlessly cheerful people.


Whoever first came up with the concept of Barney.

People who answer rhetorical questions incorrectly.

Tall people who sit right in front of you in theaters.

People who appear to have had their senses of humor surgically removed.


Whoever invented high-heeled shoes.

People who laugh at their own jokes before they've actually reached the punchline.

Whoever invented under wires.

People who own a small dog, and treat it like it's their child, putting stupid sweaters on it and taking it with them everywhere they go.

People who have taken it upon themselves to cheer up the world, whether the world wants to be cheered up or not.

People who tell long, elaborate jokes that seem to go on forever, and then mess up the punchline.

People who make grammatical mistakes while complaining that no one uses proper grammar anymore.

People who are so determined to be politically correct that they are no longer able to finish a sentence without the aid of a lawyer.

People who sell religion door-to-door.

People who think they can prove or disprove the existence of a god.

Anyone who has ever said "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."

People who cannot or will not acknowledge the fact that clowns are basically evil.

People who try to convince you that the world is really a wonderful, sunny, cheerful place, if only you look at it right.

People who develop a totally new outlook on life every couple of months, and then feel compelled to tell you about it in great detail, whether you want to hear it or not.

People who tell you the ending of a movie before you've seen it.

People who repeat themselves.

People who repeat themselves.

People who talk to television and movie characters, as if the characters can hear them.

People who think they can sing, but who really can't.

The person who decided to put letters in math.

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