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seriously ever since i made the stupid decision to take that free upgrade to windows ten its been nothing but a head ache. don't get me wrong i like the user interface, a lot more then i did windows eight but at least that was somewhat stable. i upgrade my and my dads laptops to windows 10 when it pretty much first came out. mine was okay and in fact seamed to be better then it was before. my dads however quickly started running slower then shit. it also wouldn't play any flash based internet video and even some of his own videos from his hard drive. turns out, as i discovered later that windows ten doesn't like the flash player driver for certain video cards, meaning it basically makes anything using flash not work. still no patch for this by the way and this was a day one issue.

But despite this I've had nothing but good things with windows ten, that was until i decided to upgrade by desk computer too it. it's a slightly older computer but i built it from scratch my self with high end parts so it still runs great. until i put windows ten on it and started to notice it would crash unexpectedly for no reason. at first it looked like a problem with the CPU over heating. so i changed some setting in the bios around and even put an external fan blowing in the case to help cool it. little ghetto i know but it worked. the thing stooped crashing to a black screen, but shortly after it would crash to a  blue screen talking about a .dll failure. after searching the error code for hours on google i eventual stumbled on a forum that said windows ten drivers really don't like older video cards like mine. and the only way to fix it is to either spend money on a newer video card, only one i could get that was better then the one i already have but still compliant with my motherboard was 1000 bucks. or go back to the old version of windows 7 i had been using before. well i dont got grand to piss away. but it had already been past the date when i can simply restore back to previous windows version. meaning i had to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the OS from scratch. which was so fun.

now the latest windows 10 update on my laptop has fucked up the visual c++ program meaning AVG my anti virus and several other system no longer work. which is jsut fucking great, i tried reinstalling the program but to no avail. currently another new update is downloading so well see if hopefully this fixes it. really getting sick and tired of windows ten's mandatory updates that you have no control over installing. even when they contain system breaking bugs. get your SHIT TOGETHER MICROSOFT! This is your so called eternal operating system right. No new OS's just updates to this one right. THEN MAKE IT ACTUALLY WORK!!!!

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Comment by saint.357 on January 5, 2016 at 6:41pm

so anyone else having as many problems with windows 10 as i have?

Comment by saint.357 on January 5, 2016 at 10:25am

okay so after downloading a whole bunch of shit i finally managed to get avg to work, thought everything was fixed but now i just got the same error message for another program, how ever i did give a shit about this one so I'm just gonna leave it alone for now thank god i got the antivirus to work.

Comment by saint.357 on January 5, 2016 at 10:06am

well the update didn't work, fuck!

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