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We need to ask a few questions that seem to slip the minds of writers and fans everywhere! How do dead things moan when they aren't breathing? You cannot ingest flesh without expansion. What happens to the consumed material? Movement still takes energy which is provided by consuming calories which need to be "burned" by mixing with oxygen. How do the dead accomplish this without breathing and circulation? Nix to virus caused zombification because a virus needs a "living" host to survive.

Unless the zombies aren't really dead. Check David Wellington's cool "Monster City, Nation, Planet" series for one possibility.

Laws of Physics are laws for a reason. This is why I laugh my ass off every time Sam on True Blood changes from himself into a fly! That must be one heavy fly! Too heavy a fly to fly even! Shape shifting of any type requires so much energy that feeding demands would out weigh any other needs! More over, life expectancies would be incredibly short due to stresses on bones and organs. Vampires of course are so ridiculous to consider because their energy needs cannot possibly be met by consuming blood, which is primarily water. The only possibility is if these creatures are truly supernatural in the sense of God and Satan.

Sorry, my mind wanders sometimes. Too many long nights in the fields of pain!

So, if anyone has ideas concerning why zombies (ghouls actually) do what they do, please share them with me. I am writing a novel and am tackling just these issues. Might not be much of a novel if it is all scientific

Thanks for your time.

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Comment by KOMRAD RHINO☭ on September 28, 2013 at 8:00am

its not really sure why a zombie is what it is and exists as it is. some say a viral infection causes it. and being when a person is bitten by a zombie and lives only becomes one themselves. the virus theory fits as far as the living joining the undead ranks. and being the bacteria in the human mouth and bacteria of decomposing flesh would be present in a bite like the Komodo Dragon's bite. a viral attack would fit really good there. but when it comes to those already dead. George Romero seemed to have a theory as good as any there. in his original classic Night of the Living Dead. he made the culprit of reanimation being COSMIC RADIATION the cause. as far as the moaning goes. being muscles are being flexed and moved. and the diaphragm is a muscle that contracts and expands the lungs. in my mind. this would easily explain the moans. as for what happens to the ingested material. its a known fact that what goes in must come out. with this being said. my take on this is that either the freshly ingested flesh pushes the previously ingested flesh through the bowl system. or it ingests until the stomach ruptures due to the content being more then what it can hold. this has even happened to people with very rare eating disorders where if not monitored would do just that. eat until their stomachs rupture. so if it can happen to the living. why not the undead to? the two possibilities i mentioned can also apply when it comes to the whole intake of food and processing it goes as well. reason being that internal organs break down faster then muscle tissues do. organs like the liver will decompose faster then the heart and digestive system being the blood is (or in a zombies case, was) pumped by the heart and muscles in the stomach and intestines moved food through them for processing. the possibility of getting nourishment from what it eats is possible. but not very likely being no blood flow or beating heart is active. again though. all this is theory. maybe not accurate theory. but theory none the less. until the dead actually walk to eat the living. i doubt we will truly know for sure on these things. hope i helped you some.

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