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To Be or Not To Be... A Zombie?!?! A Velma Theory...!

So this story was inspired by a debate I was having with our Zombie Guru Skot, our Killer Radio Host Dank Da Tank and Myself who we have apparently decided to call Velma from now on. *Big Smile* So we were talking about the different type of zombies. The Classic and much loved George A. Romero zombies AKA the Slow Zombies and the Super Scary Zombies On Crack AKA the Fast Rage Zombies. Skot seams to be of the very valid opinion that unless you die then reanimate you are not a true zombie. There for the Rage Zombies are not true zombies. I myself was wondering if we could some how still pay the due respect to the Romero Generation while also keeping an open mind to what the newer generation has to offer us in Zombie Recreation. This discussion has brought us to the topic of what constitutes a Real Zombie?!?! What is the Actual Science behind it?!?! Which of these types of zombies are we more likely to see In Real Life?!?!

We should probably start by describing the characteristics of the two different types of zombies for clarification purposes.

So the Characteristics of the Classic Romero Zombies are...

* Reduced Motor Skills and Slowed Movement due to Rigamortis.

* Deat
h and Reanimation.  

* Has No Reaction to pain due to the Receptors in the Brain being inactive.

* Reduced Cognitive Function.

* Unyielding Desire for Flesh. ( Sometimes Preferring Brains. )

* Vulnerable only to Attacks that Remove the Head and Destroy the Brain.

* They can Most Commonly Infect People Through Bites or Scratches.

And the Characteristics of the Crack Zombies are...

* Can Either be Alive or Dead when the Infection takes a Hold.

* Seams to Spasm as the Virus takes a Hold.

* If the Host is Alive at the Time of Infection the Virus does not Directly Cause the Death of the Host, Though the Host will Eventually Die of Starvation.

* After Death while Infected the Host Continues to act as it did Before Death and Still Infected.  
* It is Highly Contagious and is Easily Transmitted Threw Pretty Much any Bodily Fluid of any Kind.

* It Shuts Down all Parts of the Host's Brain Except those that Control Anger, Aggression and Violent Impulses as well as Basic Organ and Muscle Functions, Movement and Coordination.

* They Seam to have the desire to Destroy more so then to Feed, Though They do Seam to get Around to Eventually Eating the Flesh of the Dead.


So they have some things in common yet much more that separate them. Well... I have actually come up with a theory based on science and facts that join the too but first my initial argument would have to be that I think that we can except both on a level because I feel it is possible to honor the classics while also keeping an open mind to what the next generation has to offer. Neither generation needs to dismiss the other because it isn't what they are use to. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE PEOPLE!!! *Giggle Giggle*

Okay... Now that I have gotten that out of my system on to my theory. Now I have to give credit to my mother for this one. I was talking to her about it and she brought up a side I hadn't thought of before and after farther examination I now believe this to be the most plausible theory of what Zombies would be like in real life if they were brought on by a virus. Depending on the virus and whether or not it would immediately kill the host or simply take it over it would more then likely come to this pattern eventually. When the human body dies (which happens in both kinds of zombies) rigamortis does indeed set in. Which would cause the cognitive and motor functions to run slower. However slower does not mean less vicious. It just means they are less capable of committing the viscous acts they wish to commit. The Romero Zombies never looked less intent on killing and eating. They were just slower at it. There for less of a threat then the Crack Zombies. So I believe rigamortis will give the survivors that advantage... For a while... ( and this is where my mothers comment comes in ) However rigamortis does ware off after about 12 hours. So while these Zombies may start off like the Romero Zombies they would eventually end up as the Crack Zombies but worse. After it wore off they would be able to move about more freely and still have the desire to mutilate and consume flesh. It would also allow the virus still inside the host to consume more chemicals in the body threw the expelling of gasses when rigamortis is over. Which would basically give it all the chance it would need to gain its second wind, in a manner of speaking. Being that viruses tend to mutate to survive and become stronger to better do so, it would not only give the Crack Zombies ( at this point ) the flexibility to cause more damage but it would also let loose a serge of adrenaline into the host also making it massively stronger then either form of the Zombies we are talking about, for a short period of time at least. Which would turn them into Super Crack Zombie. The up side to this for the survivors is the zombies would burn out at a much quicker rate which in the end of there surge there would probably be only half the amount of zombies to deal with that are left... if that. That is if you actually survived the Super Crack Zombies.

So I guess this isn't so much good news for us if there was an outbreak caused by a virus, ( this virus would more then likely have to be a mortosis / mad cow kinda combo BTW ) but it does bring peace at last to the debate of what is a true Zombie I believe... So I leave you with this... Fact is often scarier then fiction... And then it eats you.

By : Velma

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Comment by Velma Giggle Wink on November 2, 2011 at 10:24pm
Now that I think about it I didn't update it.... Here is the link if you guys wanna see the whole thing :)The whole scrappy thing :)
Comment by Velma Giggle Wink on November 2, 2011 at 10:18pm
HA!!! I WON! :) Cause I'm awesome and stubborn :) also going on the radio show next week to finish him off LOL
Comment by Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ on October 10, 2011 at 8:13pm
We will have to wait and see how the out-brake begins.

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