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The Scariest Ones Of Them All - A Zombie Rant

You humans call us rotten. You call us disgusting. You call us monsters. But I ask you? If we are monsters, then what the hell are you?!!!

You hunt just like we do. You hurt, you maim...you kill. And you don’t kill in the name of nature like us. You kill because you can. You kill even when it's not part of the plan. You murder for greed, for sex, for power. Your kind will keep on slaughtering 'til your final hour. You brand us cannibals. But you savagely consume you own too. You may not feast on flesh but you callously gorge on the faith and dreams of others. You devour the livelihoods of your sisters and bothers. You hungrily dine on tendons of integrity and smile while digesting the hearts of honesty.

You say that we’re dead inside, that our hearts are petrified. But you’re the ones whose hearts are ridden with the larvae of apathy and hate and pumps blood that runs unbearably cold.

Zombies -- we most certainly are. But you’re the ones who are the living dead.

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Comment by AG. on August 1, 2009 at 1:50pm
I like the different perspective. You don't see that too often. Well done.

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