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Roy and I saw the some stairs which according to the sign led topside I yelled "I TOLD YOU WE WE'RE ALMOST THERE ALL RIGHT WE GONE BE OKAY ROY!" Roy opened his mouth but before he could something roared or many things roared it was the most ear shattering, blood curdeling sound you'd ever hear it was a sound of mixed rage and pain the roar boiled up and seemed to explode with intensity the sound was terrifying

Walter yelled saying something about us being topside when I heard the most horrible sound I could imagine it sounded like 1000 lions roaring except it was scarier than that no, not scary, terrifying even worse than that words cannot describe it I looked into Walter's eyes and saw something, something I'd never seen on his face....Fear pure fear

Roy looked into my eyes I looked into his and if it was possible his dark skin turned so pale you could see veins his face like that would've scared me but with the roar with it I only had one thing in mind and yelled it to Roy "RUN" and so we did I ran faster than I'd ever ran before I, I practically leaped up twenty stairs and was on the promenade I looked left towards the stern and began sprinting trying to outrun the thing that was making that blood curdeling noise

Walter simply turned and ran so fast that I strained to keep up he turned left and ran towards the stern he began to pull away still running at 100 percent as was I but I still couldn't keep up so I yelled "VAIT" my accent got the best of me but he began to slow down to 75 percent pace

I heard Roy say wait but by then I was already at the stern so I slowed I still ran to the tip of the stern and then sat down I said to myself "what the fuck was that?" I didn't know and didn't know why I bothered asking Roy caught up and sat down

I said to Walter "Now what?"

Roy asked me "Now what?" and I flipped shit on him I said "HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW? WHAT? DO I NEED TO DO ALL THE THINKING BECAUSE YOUR TOO STUPID FUCK!"

Walter went crazy when I asked him that I decided not to do anything because it wouldn't of helped so I looked down and tried thinking of something to get done

Roy looked hurt when I belittled him I said "Hey, I'm sorry Roy I didn't mean it I'm just scared is all" Roy shook his head and said "I know thank you" it came to me "Roy? We gotta arm ourselves for whatever made that sound okay?" Roy nodded and stood up and leant me a hand to help me up I smiled and took it

I tried to think where there may be weapons when I realized every crew ship has a platoon of soldiers right under the bridge I looked over to Roy and said "Stay close" and started running across the deck and back to the promenade reading the signs for each door

"Radio Room"
"Captain's Quarters"
"First Mate's Quarters"

Still nothing I kept reading as I ran by
and then


I said to myself "yes" and said to Roy "Found it let's get inside" I opened the door but to my puzzlement as well as relief there were no bodies but there we're blood trails as well along with bloody footprints I looked around and saw bullet holes as well as casings and said to Roy "Whatever happened here we missed it thank god becoming swiss cheese doesn't seem ideal" Roy laughed

I looked and saw a door that had a sign on it and it said "Weapons storage" I said to Roy motioning towards the door "Jackpot" and opened the door just to have a bullet wizz by my face I yelled "DON'T SHOOT WE'RE NOT SICK!" the guy said "who are you?!?" I said back "We're coal shovelers what happened here where's the rest of the platoon?" the man was hysterical but I made out "They, they just got up!" and then I heard a gunshot I yelled "NO" but it was already to late

I looked inside and saw the guy's brains on the wall glimering in the light I almost puked but didn't knowing I need the weapons I grabbed a sten gun and put a clip in it I handed it to Roy he took it

Walter handed me a sten but I thought "what the fuck is this?" and set it down I walked in the closet and found my kind of gun a Bren I put a clip in it and grabbed all the other ones as well as 2 webleys

I felt a bump and turned around and saw Roy arming himself with a Bren and Webleys I chuckled and kept placing clips in my deep pockets I grabbed a pack and loaded even more rounds of sten, webley, and bren ammo as well as a few grenades

I walked back into the bunkroom and picked up the sten that Roy put on the ground I said to Roy "Take a pack and some more bullets and magazines and let's skeedadle?" Roy nodded and did it he walked out absolutely bristling with weaponry I said "We're ready for whatever made that sound" and then it came back the screams and shrieks of rage and a new emotion at first I couldn't place my finger on it but found the word.....hunger

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Comment by Kitty Chainsaw on July 18, 2010 at 8:39pm
swiss cheese...lol.
part 3....gotta have it :)

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