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A sharp sting... Vision illuminated by a heavy light. "Morning?" Marko thought about it before opening his eyes up, wincing to find it was a flashlight from Omar who had a mischievous grin on his face. With a sharp jab, Omar fell to the ground, Marko glaring at the Corporal.


His gaze turned around him, not bothering to say a word to Omar who was getting up, rubbing his chest softly before calling out to Beth that their Captain was fine. The things Marko saw seemed almost... Normal compared to everything he'd seen since the outbreak occurred. The street lights worked almost perfectly fine, vehicles remained actually parked into lanes. It was eerie to see such things after all the shit he'd been through. Not even a single infected was in sight, though he would have been woken up if such a thing was around to get advice on what to do next. 


He groaned a little as he shifted, shoving the door open and pushed himself out, hands grasping at his M4A1 to lift it out with him, his boot splashing into a rain puddle. It was the first moment he noticed it was raining, the liquid coating his face and hair, clouds staining his uniform with their droplets. He shook his head a little and slammed the door shut, walking over to Beth who was against a stone wall, checking her PDA.


Her eyes moved up the moment he was standing over her, arm pressed to the wall over her head, his height easily a foot over hers, "Find anything, Private?"


Beth looked up at him and shook her head, "Negative, Captain. The signal finally went out the moment we pulled into town, but it wasn't moving so we can only hope to find it at the last known coordinates, other wise we can tell Command it's gone and get the hell out of here."


Marko sighed a little. Not good news at all. It was a decision between risking his life and the lives of his soldiers for some information that seemed important enough to HQ to send people to a highly infected zone, not to mention raider bases being set around the place, or drive out of there and tell command it was unable to be retrieved thanks to loss of signal. To him, the latter seemed the best, but at the same time he knew command would fuck him and his squad up for it. Badly. He looked to Beth and decided death would be better than the alternative of working on maintenance until he was dead, "Beth, find the last coordinates of that signal. We're going to find out why the hell command wants it so badly that we had to lose one squad and possibly another just to retrieve it."


Beth gave a small salute followed by her tiny voice saying 'Yes sir!', quickly returning to her PDA to find the signal. Marko went over to Omar, who was at the radio, lowering the volume a bit as he changed the CD's, getting ready for them to move out. The kid wasn't an idiot, but he sure as fuck acted like one. Marko leaned over against the door and nodded to Omar, "Hey, Omar, how are we on ammunition?" Omar looked back at the gear they had stored, it consisting of CQB equipment and medium ranged gear, though a good shot with one of the assault rifles on semi-automatic would give them the edge of having the best of all three worlds, "Ah... Well we're good on guns. As for ammo, we've got plenty of shotgun rounds, some small caliber clips if you decide to go with a sub machine gun... As for ammo for our M4's we're pretty much set for what ever this place has to offer."


Marko nodded and checked his own personal ammo. One clip in the gun, full. Four clips on his vest, all full of course. He noted he had four rounds for his grenade launcher and looked to Omar, "How are we on grenades?"


Omar shrugged, "We didn't bring many. We've got enough for two to each person, so if you plan on cleaning out a horde make it count, though, and I hate to say it Captain, I'd rather not you be the one throwing the 'nades around while infected are assaulting us. Not after our engagement over by San Fran."


With a heavy sigh Marko moved from the door, hating to have his bad moments brought to light. Well... At least the kid was honest. Before he could turn to Beth she grabbed his shoulder to turn him towards her by force, "Sir, I have a lock on the last known area of the team and the information. Its about twenty miles away if we stick to the shortest route through the streets. If we go through the sewer system we'd save ourselves ten miles, though I don't think you'd want to be caught down there if any infected are waiting."


Marko looked to her with a rather agitated look, wishing she would stop giving him options. He wanted a fucking route. He didn't want to have to choose between the two, especially when it came down to choosing between the lives of his teammates. With a sigh he looked to he,r "Lets... Go with the sewers. Chances are its safer to go through them, even if there are infected. Zombies do end up being more..." He thought for a second to find the right word, "Numerous in the city rather in the sewer systems, right?"


She nodded slightly, tucking away her PDA, leaving off to other side of the vehicle to talk to Omar and tell him to get his ass moving, leaving Marko alone with his thoughts about how badly he probably just fucked up.

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Comment by Zombie_X on August 15, 2011 at 12:59am
This is awesome!
Comment by Lady Wicked Wolf on August 10, 2011 at 5:45pm
You always did have a talent for story telling love it ..

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