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The Ever Roaming Hands of Teenage Boys

   Sarah's brother... *Sigh*  He's like a sibling to me, but, well, I'm pretty sure his thoughts have nothing to do with sisterly love. For example, last time I was out at her house, I was on her computer, playing some online game. I think it might have been Alice is Dead. Anyway, I scooted over to the stool, and gave Sarah the big computer chair, since it was her turn. Jacob--one of her two brothers--was on the other side of me, so I was in the middle. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my knee, and looked down to see, to my surprise, that the hand was attached to Jake's arm. I just shrugged the thought off. I mean, Jacob, who's only dated one girl in his life when he's almost eighteen? I was pretty sure there were no impure thoughts going on in his bushy-hair covered head. But then his thumb began to move, back and forth, and I froze. A hand mistakenly put on my knee suddenly turned into something a boyfriend would do to his girlfriend, which I certainly was not. I didn't move it though, but now, looking back, I probably should have. Hindsight's twenty-twenty, I guess. I didn't because, come on, he was Jake, the guy who I've known since I was this chubby little third grader who just moved to Salem.

   So, I didn't move it. That was when I was still dating Michael, but I guess I was shocked more than anything. I mean, most of me was still saying, "Dude, he probably doesn't even know he's doing it." Naive, yes, but I wasn't used to being, um, approached, I guess, in that way. Or anything close. So I told Sarah, and we agreed that it might have just been in my head.

   But, today, at her house, I was dancing to music on youtube, and Sarah told me to stop shaking my ass. Jacob's reply? "Hey, I don't mind." Jaw drop. "I mean, she's not bothering anybody," was said as an afterthought.

   And when I sat down to kick my brother's ass at Mario Kart, he said, "this may sound awkward, but you smell good." A chorus of "ummm"s was sounded by the rest of us. To try and cover up the awkward silence, I pretended to sniff my hair and said, "Well, it smells better than you," which was met by chuckles. Situation averted. But still...

   And not three minutes later, his hand ended up on my knee again. I swear, that boy is going to make me strangle him. Jeez. I don't think of Jake as a boyfriend or anything close. Brother is the closest thing that comes to mind. But I haven't done anything since he's going off to college in another state next month. Problem solved. But... I don't know. Say I do have to turn him down, what the hell do I do? He's never acted this way with anyone, not even the first, and last, girlfriend he had. Urrrgggg!! Boys. I swear, if they weren't so fun and hot sometimes, under certain circumstances, I'd give them up for good... =_=;

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Comment by Komrad Lady Sunyak on June 10, 2011 at 7:34pm

They're like dogs in heat....no shame! If I wanted him to leave me alone without hurting his feelings I would just start gabbing about some boy (real or fictitious) from school that you have this huge crush on.

Comment by kasumalley on June 10, 2011 at 6:45pm
lol Oh, teen flirting. This was a cute story. Sounds like it was pretty harmless. :)

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