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They tell me I’m dead. The walking, stalking, living dead. But that’s a misnomer. Yes, my pulse no longer carries a beat. And my lungs no longer function. But I’m NOT dead. Not in the absolute definition of the word: meaning without life.  In fact, I am bursting with life.   

I find it fascinating how life works.  Even after death. I’ve been dead for a long time, yet I still walk. I still talk, and most certainly, I still hunger. I hunger not just for the taste of warm flesh, but also for a warm touch. Something that my petrified husk will sadly, never feel again. I hunger for Red Lobster biscuits and omelets. I hunger to look at sexy brunettes and sunsets.

I find it astonishing that there’s no life in my heart and lungs. Yet there is still life stirring inside and outside my body. All kinds of life.The gnats that crawl and buzz all around me. The maggots that nest and feast in my many rotten cavities. The ever populating millions and millions of bacterial and viral organisms dancing within my corrupted system. And how can I forget, the worms who make sin in my shriveled skin.

I find it comforting that after my zombie body dies, my spirit will finally be released to go up high. To take my place, by our Heavenly Father’s side. At least, I hope.  Nothing on Earth can last forever. Not even the dead that live. I am sure that my place above is assured. I was an innocent man before the death I endured. Although after death, I've done  many things which find me guilty.  But I can’t help the crimes I’ve done as a zombie. I really hope the Lord won’t blame me.

I love life! I really do! An amazing, beautiful, wonderful gift that goes on for eternity.

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