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The Angel Cried

When the Fates were yet babies
sleeping entwined within each other's arms,
I was meant for you.
My quest has always had your form and voice.
There is no pleasure but has your taste,
there is no fantasy that does not end with you.
Embrace me.
I am yours.
Each cell within my body screams your name.
How many times have I turned in a crowd to see your face?
How often have I trekked a lonely road
only to hear your footsteps mingle with mine?
How many times have I awoken from a dream
to feel the bed warm beside me the pillow still
expanding and your scent still fresh within my nostrils?

Possess me, own me entirely.

The Daemon Replied

How I have longed to take within my hands
the light of your soul that captivates
and mesmerizes me?
To feel it run through my fingers...
watch the sparkle of each drop as
I hold that which is you... yet

Forbidden to soil even one of your fingertips.

Though I long to feel your pale delicate body
draped across my hands.
Watching as your whiteness blues
with the bruising of my touch.
And yet,
all I am allowed is to trace this outline of you being.
To take the memory of you in the morning to my bed.
To weave dark dreams around your brightness.
Only to waken as the dusk falls and as I rise
the lust for you descends upon my shoulders
as a comfortable shroud.

But My Angel...

Could you survive such a love?
Would you dim under the embrace?
Would you become just as so many ...
another soul lost and wandering against the night?

My beloved, I can not take that chance.

The Angel Cried


I do not want to be your saving grace ...
Your ... Angel.
I want to be with you.
A part of you always.
How dare you love me this way?
Can not you see what torture it is to hover just above fulfillment?
Do you intend to capture me like this forever?
Am I to be your Goddess?
Your... Doll? Your ... Conscience?
You do not love me,
you love the way my light makes you feel.
Touch me, Dispel this dream you have. Know me!
For I have loved you since my lungs
expanded with their first breath.
Every road I've taken,
chosen only to bring me here ... now ... to you.
You hesitate and yet do not my tears ...
yes my cries ... mean anything to you?

The Daemon Replied

You beg me to darken your light,
and I can not.
You ask me to curtain your soul with my wings,
I must not listen.

Is this your curse?
So be it, my Angel.

Can you control your course?
Perhaps, a bit to the left or right of your path but
the path remains for you to travel always ahead.

That my attention is distracted for this moment is enough.

That my eyes have reached beyond the darkness to a star.

But Here I am within the shadows.

They are my friends and my companions.
the Pariah
They are of me and they are mine.
Can you remake me to fit your desires?
Would you if you could?

do not try to answer now,
for your soul expands with the visions of your longing.
They are sweet but sour quickly
if you attempt and create them with your own hands.
Listen Breathe that which is allowed

You are ever

My Angel

By K.A.L
Copy Right 2009 @KAL

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Comment by Komrad Venessa Wicked☭ on October 27, 2009 at 9:42pm
"You beg me to darken your light"

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