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Static Brutality and New York Zombie Crawl 2011



 Saturday, May 28 at 9:30pm -  May 29 at 12:30am

The delancey
168 Delancey St.
Manhattan, NY

Created By

Glen Danzig Era Misfit Tribute!!
$10 Cover

Vocals - Marron Danzig
Bass - David Only
Guitar - ToM the MiSFiT
Drums - Jesse

ToM the MiSfiT: Have you Noticed,,,, How Much It Sucks That You Don't Hear A MISFITS Song As much As you Want When your At The Bar?
... I Want To Change That!

So See Us Live.....evil! And Record If You Like! So you could See it Again And Again! Then Pass Us The Copies :P
Sunday, May 29 ·  4:00pm -  11:30pm
More Info
Zombies get ready to take on Williamsburg! We'll be shooting scenes for the new Punk Rock Holocaust 3 at the 4th Annual Springtime NYC Zombie Crawl! On Sunday, May 29th we'll begin 4pm at Knitting Factory Brooklyn (361 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211) with our usual FREE zombie meetup! For 2 hours, zombies of all ages are invited to hang out while our zombie technicians will be providing makeup for civilians who wish to ...become undead! Zombies over 21+ can drink with some great drink specials including $1 off all beers and $2 off all liquor! Shot and Bloody Mary specials as well as more surprises!

At 6pm, we will take our annual trek down Bedford Avenue! Only this time, we'll be shooting a scene for Punk Rock Holocaust 3 while we crawl, a zombie attack on the hipsters of Brooklyn! We're looking for some victims to be eaten by the zombie masses and everyone is invited to help shoot the scene as well. If you have a camera bring it, or just use your smart phone! We'll be awarding prizes for the best footage! Email info@nyczombiecrawl.com with the subject PRH3 Shoot to get more info and sign up to be involved!

Zombies will make their way down Bedford to McCarron Park where we'll have some zombie fun and games at about 6:45 including a human tug-o-war with Disgraceland Hook Squad (not for the weak of heart) and more! Then we'll make our way back down Bedford, stopping along the way here and there and heading to Public Assembly (70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211) at 8:30pm for the NYC Zombie Crawl afterparty!!

Get the info at http//www.nyczombiecrawl.com!

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Comment by Thewhiplashmaniac on May 28, 2011 at 10:31am
Ok come join in!
Comment by Komrad Wayne on May 27, 2011 at 5:07pm
DAMMITT!! Im gonna be in NY on sunday too, but Ill be at the PHISH concert...(yea thats right, PHISH, Im not a fan, Ive never been to a show, but Im being dragged along, lol, sounds like fun tho, Ill be trashed!!!) show starts at 4:30...no way I can do both...

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