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Sample from my released zombie novel - Morgue of the Dead

Below is a short preview of what's inside my zombie, dark comedy, action, horror story - MORGUE OF THE DEAD - although online you will see it as either M.D. or ZOMBIES (Morgue of the Dead)...Available to buy in digital form from the likes of Amazon / Barnes & Noble / The seashell books / Smashwords / LULU.com.....But if you're looking for a bargain in paperback/hardback form, then why not go to LULU.com, as i've got 25% off the price it will be once it hits Amazon & Co.....

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Simon listened carefully as he walked along, relying on his own in-stinct now his torchlight had faded out of sight from the others. He was extremely scared, and held his weapon tight. If anything jumped out at him then God help it because at this moment in time this poor, young recruit would shoot at it. He tried using this period for pleasant thinking, hoping it would make the time go by quicker on his journey to reach other humans.
It wasn’t long before the first, nervous twitching sounds were heard, forcing Simon to glance obliquely at different locations in such a small period. The torch did its best in helping to accommodate, but it wasn’t covering all the darkness with light. He tapped the torch in an attempt to widen the fading beam.
Bugger, maybe the batteries are running low? he thought.
During the faint banging, a shadowy figure grew in front of him, and it wasn’t long before a human-like outline emanated from between the light. Simon wasn’t sure who it was? He wasn’t thinking what it was, just who?
It had to be Kevin. This was the sort of prank he would pull, he thought now.
Another eerie noise escalated nearby and Simon swiftly shone the torch in a full circle, but when beaming onto the spot again, the figure had gone.
Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me?
He began to walk again, but was brutally knocked to the ground by one of the walking dead. After a few seconds of deliberate rolling, re-turned to his feet. Simon could hear moaning sounds giving away the monster’s distance, but was too terrified to do anything about it. To think, he hadn’t even arrested a human before and now could be attempting to place a zombie in handcuffs, but the only thing stopping him was the fact that he was too chicken to try.
“Leave me alone, please,” was all he could spill from his trembling lips.
All efforts at being an officer of the law had failed him.
For some strange reason he threw the only source of lighting he had. The torch would’ve helped to see the monster, but now bounced off the zombie’s head.
“I don’t know what you want, but I won’t tell anyone I saw you.”
The man was begging. This so-called cadet was nothing, and to think he went through all the rigours of training at the academy to end up like this.
After a few more seconds of non-action, Simon plucked up enough courage to run at the zombie. His idea was to run and the zombie would back down, but it wasn’t to be. When reaching the rotting corpse he froze like a scared rabbit caught between the headlights of a nearing vehicle. He was only one foot away, but couldn’t lay a finger on the enemy.
Without warning the zombie gripped onto the man’s head of hair, leaned over, and lashed its mouth to produce a deadly snap from the killer jaws. Simon’s body stood still, but his eyes moved from left to right for the next few seconds as the zombie watched the downfall of its prey. Just one swift movement of the iron jaws almost released the poor man’s head off his shoulders. The teeth had crunched so deep into the Adam’s apple that his throat completely shredded. Simon’s eyes still moved when his head was finally snapped off the neck bone by the heavy handed, tugging sensation. The beast felt no sorrow for the victim as it held the prize up to its mouth before smelling the fresh blood seeping through the hole. An excited creature was now going to feast on the brain.

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