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“Get in the fucking bunker! God damn it the Japs are comin’!” These orders were barked over by the Sergeant of Bravo squad. They didn’t have a choice, Marines or not. The orders were issued that they would end up being hit by an invasion force of over five hundred armed Imperial Marines, as well as some light armor, though the numbers weren’t clarified. 
Private David Wilson, new man thrown directly into the front lines with Bravo. He’d only been there for a couple weeks with the other twenty troops that were meant to set up a deployment zone. Before the message got through about the Japs invading their coastal territory on one of the smaller islands under their control Wilson had always wondered why exactly they would have sent a fresh recruit into the field like this. Now all he could think about is where the fucking bunker was that the Sergeant was talking about. The closest thing was a dug our territory that they had set up mines and  some minor traps like holes with sharpened branches. 
All he could do is follow the rest, ignoring the sarcastic tones in his head, instead slipping quickly into the sunken territory while the other troops found their own around the area. Apparently the Sergeants already had a plan because his began to whisper to the squad, “Alright, we are to wait until the second mine goes off, then we fire through the leaves and pin them down while our boys use what ever explosives we have on the armor. Snipers are to pick off the men behind cover or other Japanese snipers. If they arrive to the beach before any mines go off we spray anyways and go for the last steps. Understood?” 
Apparently everyone understood because there was a silent nod underneath the netting. This left them silent all together, Wilson gripping at his Thompson M1A1, breathing quietly, trying to count the seconds only to lose it every few. Murder. It was murder to just sit there and think about his impending death. All he was, all he had ever been, was a simple farm boy back home who invested time into books and dreaming of being a soldier. Now he was there and it was the last thing on his list. There wasn’t the rush of enjoyment, the feeling of storming into buildings or beating enemies to death with his rifle. 
All he wanted was to go home, but it was positive that would never come, even if he had a way. But out of all things he wished he didn’t hear the first mine go off, two Japanese soldiers screaming as they lost some limbs or worse as they were enveloped by fire and shrapnel. This caused more troops to move into a second mine almost immediately, several more moving back and setting off one of the holes to cause an entire squad and a half to be impaled. 
Their superiors would have said something if they weren’t taking .45in rounds into their chests, snipers firing off their rifles into those who had the instincts to fall back. Wilson had jumped up the moment that second mine had gone off, the rest of the soldiers having misjudged the first mine and already firing off. Wilson had his eyes closed half the time, though through the times they were open he could see his was hitting targets with the blind shots, several Japanese falling back and many flying away from the tanks as they exploded. Two of the American snipers in the trees were firing rounds, as well, using the cloak of leaves to cover themselves as they blew Jap brains out from the back of their skulls.
A light pump ran through Wilson’s chest and he blinked, finding his eyes were fully open half a minute into the fight. His gun clicked and he pulled the clip free, pushing in another and yanking back the bolt before pushing from the sand and moving forward just seconds before his Sergeant was able to take the que of ordering an advancement. Other soldiers immediately obeyed, rushing into the forest with Wilson. He didn’t care, exactly, though. He had gotten what he wanted, not that he was mentally there to realize it. 
He fired off seven rounds into the closest Japanese soldier before smacking the falling man over the skull with the butt of his rifle, firing off the rest of the rounds into Japanese troops who were trying to get up from the exploded tank they had thought would provide cover. Wilson found his attention to a fallen Japanese soldier who was drawing his handgun, attempting to aim before Wilson rammed his knife into the man’s shoulder blade. He listened to the scream from the Asian soldier, gritting his teeth with a smirk on his face as he twisted the blade further into the shoulder. Wilson then proceeded to beat in the man’s face with his rifle, listening to his pleads not to be hit until that silenced, Wilson ramming the butt into the temple of the man’s head, crushing in the side with a  satisfied grunt, continuing impact after impact as the soldiers around him continued to clear out the remaining Japanese, gunfire filling the air with the smoke and ash of the tanks and explosives.

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Comment by Killa of Zombies on October 30, 2011 at 5:48pm
Action packed and intense!

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