Wicked Zombies


Things To Get A Hold Of Before The

Zombie Apocalypse If Possible
Also good for other survival needs


Water Filters / Purifiers

Portable Toilets

Seasoned Firewood

Wood takes about 6 - 12 months to become dried, for home uses

Lamp Oil, Wicks, Lamps

(First Choice: Buy CLEAR oil. If scarce, stockpile ANY!)

Weapons of all kinds

Regardless of what you think about arming yourself we would suggest you have one thing to defend your family with. Whether its the gun in the shoe box in the back of the closet or the bat by the bed side. Whatever you are more comfortable with and is safest for your environment.

Manual Kitchen Appliances
That's right people... The days of us enjoying our slothful lives ended with the first exploding zombie head! Deal with it! LOL

Storeable Sugars

All sugars, syrups, jellies, honey, etc

Rice, Beans and Wheat

Its fairly cheap and stocks and stores well!(and if anyone is like me YES THAT MEANS COFFEE BEANS ALSO! *WINK*)

Vegetable Oil

Unless you prefer to boil everything!

Charcoal and Lighter Fluid

If I have to explain then you are hopeless already :)

Water Containers

(Urgent Item to obtain.)
Any size. Small: HARD CLEAR PLASTIC ONLY - note - food grade if for drinking

Grain Grinder

( Non Electric )

Propane Cylinders

 Baby Supplies
If you or anyone else has an infant they wont be able to find what they need for their child. You need to stock up. This is a must!

Washboards, Mop Bucket w/wringer and Cloths Pins


Thermal underwear

Cast Iron Cook Ware!

Fishing Supplies


I recommend the pillars. They last longer and you don't need a holder. Most of the time you can also recycle the wax.

Sleeping bag, Tent, Hammock

We do not recommend it but if you have no other choice in the matter and you have to sleep out in the open the we suggest so that you do it like Tarzan did! That's right! Climb your butt up that tree! As high and secure as you can get.


Prescription Medications

We are not telling you to become drug king pens... But if your kid has asthma or you have a heart condition you arn't going to be able to run up to the store when you run out anymore. Start to save as much as you can.

Baby Wipes

Hey all u "ZK's"(zombie killers) out there in zombie world using ur guns,ammo,and close combat tools such as a bat,ect ect...don't forget the very important "baby wipes"; baby wipes!! U say, whats with the baby wipes...will now let me tell ya....after uve killed about 10-15 zombies uve got "SAS" sweaty ass syndrome,and that my fellow "ZK's" is not only wet it smells....frankly like dirty ass....Mhahahahahhahaha....sorry forgot myself there for a moment. So back to my point while ur preparing ur zombie killing pack don't forget ur "baby wipes" and we all can have a better smelling zombie world to live in harmony with...thanks all and happy hunting. ;0)

By: Tracy Bornkessel

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Comment by Velma Giggle Wink on January 19, 2012 at 2:28pm

Actually on my other blogs I put up a bunch of my posts from my website about safe houses... There is only a few on here... but there are also a bunch we havent wrote up yet... So thank you very much but thank you for the thought! :) You should check out the site babe... Give me some more of those good ideas :) Maybe even write something to put on there :) http://www.myzombieapocalypsechosenfew.com/index.html

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