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Hey all you Zombie freaks,

   Well it certainly has been awhile since I have been home on Wicked Zombies and it feels nice to be back, even if it is for a short time. i'm still alive and kicking and working on bettering myself.

   Had a little bit of a back slide in the last few months, but I'm still working on quitting smoking. Vaping has really helped a lot. I have my periods where not even vaping can cure the carving for a smoke, but I just keep working at it. It keeps getting longer and longer between cigarette. And what I mean is I can almost got 3 months without a cigarette and that craving kicks in. Once that craving kicks in, I smoke one cigarette and I'm good for a long time. Vaping has helped and I also found out that if I go up on my nic in my juice I might be able to kick that craving every few months as well...I might back slide a little here and there, but I'm getting better and better with the quitting smoking...

   Well, my boys are growing up fast. My step-son Jason is getting ready to start his 2nd year in college and my now 23 year old, Lj is in 6th grade and also in Concert Band. They both seem to be doing pretty good in school. As for the medical problems Lj has, we are still working on getting him straight. We seem to be really having some problems with some retraining of his body and a few of his functions. But He's getting better...

    I'm still single, all the plans or even hopes of that one being in my life crashed to the ground. I guess the man she is with has started going to church and taking her with him and there's been a big change in him, from what she has told me. I don't know. All I know is its bullshit. He was on the verge of losing his meal ticket, so what I'm figuring is he pulled this church stunt to try and keep her. Well at least her money rolling in. But like most of the women I know, knew or even dated, they want guys that treat them like trash and take their money. I'm not that way. I know I'm not perfect, but shit, come on. Using a religion to hold on to your woman's money is really reaching.

   Anyways, I've added a couple of new rifles to my stock pile of weapons. Granted most people will laugh, but hey, its what I feel need and can handle as my age creeps up on me. (LOL)  I went and purchased and 30.06 Savage rifle, for long range hunting or sniping and I also purchased a Hi-Point 9mm tactical semi-auto rifle w  tact light, forward grip and dual mag holder. I have now had my carry permit almost a year and so far haven't had to pull on anyone. Hope never do, but if my family, my community or myself are threatened, I will have to defend myself and those in my charge...But lets just hope it never comes to that.

   Well, still working on my story. That I was done a few times, but once I went back and read it, I ended up taking some things out and ended up adding more. It seems that this story is never going to be ready for publishing...(LOL) But once I am finally satisfied, I'll be popping in with the final word on it...

   Well, I better go for now guys. I hope everyone is doing well...


   Much Love and Peace,

   Jessie "The Dragon" Garrett

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