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It’s quite, the only sound that fills the air is the click of my lighter as a flip the cap on and off. It’s a nervous habit I have even now long after I quite smoking. Not for lack of desire to do so, but for lack of supply. Going on three months now and no mater where I search they always turn out empty on cigarets. Food water ammo and Cigarets, the things that ran out first when everything went to shit. You wouldn’t think smokes would be very high on someone list when there buying for the end of the world, but you’d be dead wrong. Three months and I maybe the last son of bitch left on the planet. It funny I never thought I’d be the last one to make it. Not with my 54 year old body that feels like its 70. I worked all my life, hard back breaking work and I got the body to prove it. Hands so full of arthritis I can barely move-em sometimes. A trick knee from getting hit by the car in the middle of a cross walk when I was 30. Not mention a staggering constant cough from smoking two packs a day since I was 14.

Yes sir no mater how you look at it I’m a piss pore choice for the survive of man kind, and yet here I stand, heart still beating and legs still kicking. All those young athletic types who climbed mountains like they were mole hills and thought they could survive anything are long gone now. And me a beaten up broken down peace of a man am still going. If your hopping for an explanation of how I survived when those others (far more suited to the job) didn’t, I don’t got one. Maybe it was luck, or damned persistence on my part. Hell maybe it was just god’s twisted sense of hummer. That god’s once twisted son of a bitch alright, you can tell by what he did to us. I don’t mean whipping us out I understand that. We were getting to big for our britches that’s all. We thought we were top dogs in this universe, and took a little too much from his planet, messed around with his creation just slightly more then we should have. He had to take us out.

Hell he’d been warning us for ever to learn our place. He’d sent plague’s and disasters one after another to thin our herd , but we never learned. He’d wipe a few of us out and we’d just come back stronger and more arrogant then before. Good tested us plenty of times and each time we fail, so he decided we’d had our turn on the planet. It was time to start anew, let someone else be in the spot light. That I can forgive, what I can’t is how he decided to do.

It all started out as just another one of his plagues. A disease like all the rest, only this one was stronger, whipped out a third of us right quick. But god didn’t stop with that. He knew we were smart, give us enough time and we’d find a cure for this one just like all the rest. So he took that virus and did something we would never expect with it. He went and changed the rules. Now we all know that we’re born, we live for a certain amount of time, and then we die. Those were they undeniable rules we all lived by. Well good went and flipped that upside down on us. Now people who were infected with this virus would die, and then come back. But they don’t come back all the way only partly. There hearts wouldn’t beat and there brain couldn’t think much but they could more. They could walk, and they could eat. Only thing was they were eating us.
Just like that everything changed, is use to be us against us, now it was us against us and them.

The world fell apart pretty quickly after that, people going crazy through the streets. It was like god flicked a switch and everyone every where just went nuts. Looting, rioting, killing the true side of man was finally out in the sunlight. Looking back on those first few days, I can see why god wanted us gone. Well he got his wish, been two months now since I saw anyone who wasn’t already dead. For all I know I'm the last person left alive, and I’m sitting here writing a letter no one will ever read. I guess that’s alright though, I don’t really feel like having anyone read this. I just want to leave something behind to show that I was here. Now as I write with one hand, and put the cold steel of my gun’s barrel in my mouth, and taste its metallic sweetness. I just want to say, I hope even though you condemn our bodies to walk the earth, that you still except our souls to join you in heaven. Cause I’ll be along shortly, and I got a few choice words to say to you, you son of a bitch. So you just wait for me! And if by chance I’m wrong about being the last, and you really are reading this, help yourself to the lighter laying next this letter, hope I didn’t get too much blood on it for yea. 

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