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We have landed on the Planet Canton, it’s been almost a week since the zombies have taken part of the planet and infer tied the people. I got the call to send an army of battle robots to clear the planet of zombies. Yesterday we sent scout ships to find "hot spots" and see how many troops we have to sent. The northern, southern, and coastal area of the planet is filling with zombies. As for today 1/30/2123 the northern part are fill with 651 zombies, the southern part 366, the coastal area 77, and the highland with 545. More numbers of zombies are being reported everyday so this going to be fun and busy as hell. I haven't been in combat since the days of the State-city's and Union War.

Day 0
1:19 am ( Canton time zone)

I just got word that we are going to stay in Canton for 789 hours, roughly 38 days I think. Our camp is going to be set up in a small town in the Southern part of the planet. The area is just dry land with some trees and rocks. I will have 441 battle robots and two mecha suits under me. Its only me and 10 tech guys are make of flesh and bones, I don't like the idea to set camp near "hot spots" but oh well I have to follow orders give by high rank. The tech guy’s sure look scary bring here but it’s their job to make sure the robots and mecha suits work fine. I wonder if they can shoot a large group of zombies. For my sake I hope they can.

Day 4
1:20pm (CTZ)

The clearing for the town of Maplesville was hard as I thought it would be. The Info. On how many zombies there were was wrong and also the size the town was. I have to do clear the town from building to building and made sure we didn't miss any or we would be flanked. I lost 64 battle robots in this mission, and the mecha suit broke down during the clearing of a building (I use one of the tech guys to pilot). At the end we clear like 5 blocks and burn the rest of the town down, some zombies got away. After we were done clearing and making sure no zombies were left behind un-shot or burn we headed back to the camp and started to build a wall around it in case we get attack later on. We cut down some trees and use old cars, we stock 3 cars on each other and weld them together and put the trees on the outer side of the wall. We left an opening on the north side of the camp close to a thick brush area so we go out and in after each mission. I post the working mecha suit and 10 battle robots with heavy rapid fire rifles there in case zombies want to come in.

Day 6
9:05PM (CTZ)

Well we just clear the part of the highlands of 534 zombies and burn 3 med. size towns. We needed to burn the towns b/c they were full with rotten bodies and some of the bodies were becoming zombies. Its not easy to burn towns, I am not talking about the set up but that you have to burn people’s things. While I was setting up a house to be burn I saw a family photo on top of a tea table. A feeling of sadness comes over me and I wonder what to those people, I block the feeling off and cont. my work. It took 5 hours to burn the 3 towns and other 6 hours to kill off zombies. Good thing we start our day around 4:00am in the morning.

Day 7
2:31pm (OSTZ)

I got news that 420 zombies were killed in the northern part of the planet, while I was in Twin Pine City in the west part my unit and I kill 216 zombies. They were already rotten away some missing an eye or both of them and others cover with maggots and ants in their bodies. In 4 days I am going to the mothership and attend a stuff meeting to see how we can clear the planet faster.

Day 11
1:34pm (CTZ)
The meeting went well for them since they only said that the planet will bomb all over and Atomic bombs will be set in High "hot spots" to kill the zombies faster. This was going to be call Opc. Firestorm... a transport ship just drops off some lab tech guys right now. I wonder what they want...

Day 31
3:00am (CTZ)

Its been days since I have writing any on my log, I have been feeling tried and fed up of the new orders and counterorders the High Ranks have sent to me for the past days. In a few hours my unit and me are going to place marks on some hot sports so bombers from the space fleet can bomb the hell of the zombies and make sure we kill them in mass quiltay. I already lost half of my unit in the last mission we have and also 2 of the tech guys hung them self last night, I guess they couldn't hanlde stress of beening here. The lab tech guys have been collerting data from the zombies we have kill but now they want some life for advane resecrhing. Yea I am going to have a live zombie in my base camp they can go to hell on that and I don't care if the orders are from the High Ranks but I have to do it...

Day 35
9:34pm (CTZ)
Only 4 days left into I can kill and get one or two live zombies before the final part of Opc. Firestorm... its been hard to get one alive...well I mean not shot up. I got 2 days left and a wake up to this and finally go home and see my family and live people. Its hard to work with battle robots, yea I have some of the tech guys with me but I really miss my family hope my wife haven't gotten any courtship from other gentleman from the Upper class back home.

36 days after Opc. FireStorm
12:30pm (CTZ)

Well the bombs did a good damge to the "hot spots" but didn't kill enough zombies, some how some of them end up in caves and other areas where the bombs and the wave of the blust couldn't reach them. This info. gave the High Ranks headaches and more work to do, even more I still have to get some live(non-shot up) zombies for the Lab teachs back at HQ. Right now I am back home in Planet Hawi in the city of Clear rivers, I am glad my wife didn't left me but at times I wish she did for the fact that I wake up in the middle of the night running outside the house with a rifle in my hand and looking for zombies. I hate the feeling of knowing that I wouldn' sleep well and make my wife and her family look with the people around us because of me. But she tells me that its not my fault but the High Ranks fault for senting me and others to that awful place in the first place. I really love that women at times I wonder how luck I am with her, strong like a women solider but gentle like a rose. I got word in the past few days that I will be part of other unit going to Planet Canton again, but this is going to be a all human unit with aleast a few battle robots in hand. I don't know what's up with their heads but they have to start to take them out of their ass because this going to be a bad idea.

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Comment by Kitty Chainsaw on January 15, 2010 at 12:38pm
Cool stuff.
I guess seeing the picture of the family in that house reminded you of home & that contributed to your sadness & lonliness.
I know one things for sure,if there is an outbreak of zeds & your figures were correct I'm heading to the coast.

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