Wicked Zombies


I was sitting in my eazy chair sipping scotch and listening to Ray Charles when they came for me like I knew they would.  The slam on the door awoke me from my daze and gave me ample time to grab my pistols and begin to shoot.  As they broke through the door I watched them with my heart steady and my hands unwavering I was ready.  They bursted through the first one I kicked in the midsection then shot in the head the next one lunged for my forearm but was caught with a shot just above the nose.  The third dove straight towards me but I easily sidestepped him and sent him flying out my window and the rest began piling through I shot one another and another.  Lucky for me I didn't have to reload,  it was then when I concluded its time to leave my mind blathered back but how could you?  You of all people need to stay! I shot back shut the hell up if they wanted my help they would've sent people I'm leaving this city and that was that.


I grabbed my old marine duffle I had left over from my time in Vietnam.  Funny thing about the government they never seem to care how much shit you steal from them.  My bag was already packed and ready like I knew before that I'd leave.  I was out the door like that the duffle bumping on my shoulder as I took long strides down my hallway.  Again I was lucky they weren't that many in the building and most were a little indisposed with further victims....you should help them but your not are you?  Your going to let them be eaten alive...I chose not to answer myself that time.


When I got to the parking garage under my apartment complex there was my car my '68 Charge that was the first thing I got when I got home, thank god for the GI Bill of Rights I thought.  I threw my bag in the back and just as I was opening the door they busted out of the stairwell across from me and started running towards me I shot the first he went down then the next and the next but they came to fast so I decided it was flight this time.  I jumped in popped it into first and sped off. 


The city around me crumbled with the horde that took it over it was true bedlam I was just trying to get out and indeed I would.  It seems I've gone full circle getting out of hell long enough to be forced back in.

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Comment by Bastion WFP on August 19, 2011 at 4:05pm
Kitty never failing to let me down!  We should talk more though :(
Comment by Kitty Chainsaw on August 19, 2011 at 12:03am
i'm glad i'm in your zombie team  :)

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