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I was in a little town in a part of Mexico. I was on a mission of rescue and investigation for the EKOZS' scientist of a new possible cure for the zombie disease, I wasn't very sure of it but it was a little posibillity it works it was in a underground lab that was closed when this virus start to grow and the rumors said that it has a special medicine inside that can make people with the brain destroyed, recover conciosness and make their lifes again, but if this virus isn't what I thought, this could be a dangerous mission.

I arrived to that creepy town at dawn *I hate to be with zombies at night* I check my backpack and my weapons, I had a Katana, a Sniper carried on my back, a Shotgun on my shoulder, ammo in my backpack, a flashlight, my special radio for communication with Komrads if I need help, and some nutritional bars *I dont know how people survive without food a whole day*.

While I was walking, I discovered that the town was uncommonly crowded, they were all getting inside a church, that was pretty scary I wasn't sure if they were death or alive, so I desided to hide in a big tree and check everything with my sniper from behind, when I manage to get into the highest tree, everyone was inside and they closed the door.

-Perfect just perfect, thanks people. The good news is that now I know that they are alive, now I will need to climb up the church to look throght the window that is on the roof.-

When I climbed to the roof I looked through the window and something make me get scared, when I look the church was empty, I didnt espect that, I was especting everything exept that, how did everyone disapeared, I get down the stairs quickly and ran to the door and shoot to the it with my shotgun, it quickly open and I pump my shotgun and prepare for anything that could be inside but nothing came out, it was all alone but there was a giant line in the floor, then I check it and it was like a giant trapdoor, *Maybe behind it where the civilians or it could be the entrance to the secret lab*, then I look to the final of the church and I discovered a door on the back I walked slowly to the door and open it with the hand when I open the door in the moment I hear a sound like a scream of a women...

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Comment by Komrad Ray Scope on April 14, 2009 at 9:38pm
Well Jay they werent any vacations for me that was a freeking mission you can hear the rest soon. and tnx Komrad Vanessa Wicked

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