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'Uugh'. What happened? Eli had one hell of a hangover...... He couldn't remember anything other than a loud bang.... He stood up and stumbled into a wall. Then he noticed his axe on the ground. He was too light headed to get it, but he tried anyway. He stumbled, fell. He needed that axe. He was low on ammo.
"STOP!"Eli looked up. There were three men in masks standing over him. "We'll get your stuff. Toby, Matt, carry him in. I'll grab the weapons and his radio." Did he just say Toby? Could it be......? No.... Tobias would be dead by now.
He was laid on a cold table. "We'll take care of you.You got some nasty cuts..." They took off his jacket and kevlar..... Strange, his vest seemed nicer than before..... "What happened?", Eli could barely spit it out. "You died. We have developed a temporary cure for the infection, emphasis on temporary. You'll be dead in an hour, if we mess up this operation." Toby chuckled,"No pressure."
Eli sat up. The surgery went well, everything was stitched up, no sign of infection. But he would still have to take antibiotics for the next few days. "So, Toby, I've been meaning to ask you..... Whats your last name?" "Kovosch. My dad was Russian. What about you?" Eli sighed. It wasn't Tobi. "Steel. Eli James Steel." "Nice meeting you." Eli just noddded.
The building was lit, little blood in the area. Eli heard the drone of a generator somewhere. He walked through some double doors, and arrived in a hallway. He walked down it, and came to some offices. There were three people typing away. An intercom came on,"Eli Steel, to the lobby. Eli Steel, to the lobby." Eli sighed And started looking for stairs.
"Heres your axe, Eli. Liz will show you to your room." A blonde with a messed up face led him upstairs. He was already making notes of who to kill. Just let them take care of him for now.

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It's been awhile since I have been home here on Wicked Zombies...I've been doing so much searching within this outer world of life...

   I've since gotten re-married and have been working back in security for the last couple of years. Have started back writing again and have purchased an actual house. It's hard being away from my family even though I need to work and support them, but it's a shame a person has to work so much that they miss their kids growing up...



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