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    I've been up late every night for the past few days. Something has me spooked. I'm not sure what the hell it is. Not sure if it's the news, the stuff I've been reading, shit I've been watching from movies to TV itself. It's got my nerves rattled and I have no clue what the hell is wrong with me...

   Am I losing my touch on reality or have my senses picked up on something no one else has?? 

   I just can't shack this feeling that something is happening within my hometown. I mean, the animals here are not acting right. The deer are wondering into town and hiding in rundown houses and buildings, frogs and other small water animals have taken up residence in backyard pools, spas, hot tubs and small decorative home front fish ponds. Insects, there hasn't been a single flying bug or even a crawling bug in the last several days. Ant hills and wasp nests are empty and even looking under a rock or digging a hole, there are no worms. 

   I've been watching the stars at night. I haven't seen the little or big dipper in weeks, the stars never shine like they used to anymore. As the nights pass, fewer and fewer stars seem to shine. It's as if someone or something is switching them off. 

   The days are even worse, not only are you contending with the heat, but also the fucking stifling hot wind. During the day you have to wear a mask in order to breath. It's not because of such heat that you can't breath, but of the smells from the now out of date garbage dump. Yeah I know, they're doing their best. That's a load of fucking shit also. The city of Camden, the State of Tennessee and even the federal government gave those assholes money for the updating of the city trash dump. But did they do it, hell NO! The fucking owner took the money and went on a 3 month vacation. So now we have to wear masks throughout the fucking town during the day and if we want to venture out we have to suffer the cold and harsh winds. But at least you don't have to wear the fucking mask.

   There that feeling goes again. Somethings either happening or going to happen. This has me more then spooked. It's like something is trying to tell me something and I just aint getting the damn picture. My wife and both sons died during the great blood suckers war. Or as everyone is calling it, "The Vampire Wars". 

   Yeah, I know what the hell you're saying, there's no such thing as vampires. That's what we thought back in the day also. Nothing more then myth and legends was the official story. But after exactly three weeks of trying to hide the fact of real vampires, they attacked the White House. Hell, I thought what irony, the blood suckers attacking the blood suckers of Washington.

   Anyways, on the night my youngest son was killed, he was on patrol outside the main quarantine zone when a band of vamps attacked the gate. He held his ground, just like many of the others that were there, but just as he was bit, I felt this twinge in my neck and then a sudden pain as if my entire life was taken from my chest. And every since then, it's been as though I can feel this terrible sixth sense thing creep in stronger and stronger.

   The last few days have been one of the most exhausting thing I've ever faced. But with the shit that's happening now, kinda reminds me of something. I can't place it. This level of intense fear and sensation of horrible pain that is coming will be something I might not be able to handle...

   I'm scared...Fuck that, I'm fucking petrified damn it....

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