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A few years back, during my the 2nd year of High School I had a dream. This dream was not like any dream I have ever had. Here is the gist of it.~

Some background story of me at the time:
I have 3 sisters and 2 Brothers, oldest to youngest; Elizabeth, Billy,Colleen,(me),Delia, John.
My Mother and father has recently got a divorce and split up the family a few months back. My mom ran away to Houston with a boyfriend taking my Little brother John, And my two sisters Delia and Colleen. 
My brother Billy went off to live with a friend and my older sister and I moved with my father out of the house we were raised in and into a one bedroom apartment.
Short on cash my boyfriend (Ralph) would come over alot and pretty much supply us with food, because my father was in and out of work.

Before I fall asleep:
Walking home from school, it was another hot day in San Antonio. Our apartment was about 3 miles away from our school which isn't so bad to walk when its cool outside. But the summer was nearing and triple digit temperatures is the only thing we get this time of year. After a few weeks of moving into out apartment I began to hate the hill we have to climb everyday when we come back from school. The heat makes it seem as if it grows longer each time. I'm a chubby girl, And I miss my house and not having to walk everyday to and from school. I miss my bed and having food everyday and not having to rely on cafeteria food from school. Blehhh Soo gross!
Elizabeth and I meet up with Ralph down the road and continue our walk home. Approaching the our new home we hear a yelling that sounds like our father. Hurrying up the hill we finally come to our apartment door open. Our father outside on the steps very angry tells us to get inside. Elizabeth sits on the couch which is right by the door and I run to the room with Ralph. I hate it when my dad gets upset, He always has a way to make it feel as if everything is our fault though we have done nothing. Ralph starts to comfort me, telling me everything is alright and leaves the room to get me a glass of ice water. As he leaves my sister comes in the room, She says " Hey.. Dad says mom moved back into town and has a new apartment on the North side of town" ( The north side of town is a very fancy with nice houses and over priced stores) "She wants us to go over and is coming later to pick us up, Dad says its just a visit and we will be back after the weekend." Naturally I didn't want to go, I was scared of if the rumors were true about her having another man in her life. But I wanted to see my brother and sisters. Then I thought of Ralph and how his family left out of town for the weekend. Standing by the door hearing everything that was said Ralph came back in the room and handed me the glass of water. He told me he would stay at the apartment and make sure my dad doesn't do anything stupid. Nodding in agreement I grabbed my backpack and dumped out my school books and put it near my dresser as if I were to get some clothes to take with me to my mom's place. Feeling dizzy from getting up to fast I quickly fall back down onto the bed I was sitting on. "Ahh.. My head hurts really bad, I think the heat is getting to me." My sister then instructed me that my face was all red as a tomato and for me to take a small nap. I close my eyes and quickly fall asleep.

Suddenly I am being shaken with loud yelling, Its my father. He's shaking me yelling "WHY AREN'T YOU READY?!!?! YOUR MOM IS OUTSIDE WAITING FOR YOU!!!" Stumbling out of bed I grabbed my backpack and yelled at Ralph who was playing the video game beside me "Why didn't you wake me up?! Now my dad is mad at me.. " sounds of a horn coming from the new truck my mom had acquired, I can hear her voice saying "Chica lets go!" I run out the door and waved to my father goodbye, my sister already in the truck everything happen so fast between waking up and arriving at mothers new place. 
When we finally got there I was greeted by my little brother John who was 4 and my sister Delia who was 12. I asked where Colleen was and they said she got a job at the local pizza place to help with rent. We made our way up the stairs to my moms really nice apartment She had a 2 bedroom 2 bath, and It had a view of the whole city from the balcony.. It was really nice compared to what we lived in. The living room was huge! You can tell that she had just moved in because boxes were scattered about and there was no furniture. However she did have a TV and that was plenty entertaining for me. Spending time with my little brother outside on the patio my mom called us in for dinner. OMG! Hot food is something we didn't get regularly. "I made shake and bake chicken" my mom shouted across the apartment so we all could hear. "You're going to have to be careful when you eat, There is no table and we are going to have to eat sitting on the floor." she said. However I had no problem with that. As we ate my sister turned on the television, the news was on. Not paying attention to what was happening on the news I heard my mom scream to turn up the volume. My sister turned it up only to hear the news caster talking about 8 stray missiles heading for 8 different cities. He mentioned that no one knew what was on the missiles or if they were nuclear bombs. I thought it to be a joke, I remember a few years back when I got the end of a program about the new movie Independence day I only saw where the news was saying things about the white house blowing up and such. I thought it was true, but it wasn't of coarse. Lol.
When the news caster named San Antonio as a city just before praying for our safety is when I freaked out a bit. My mom started crying as my sisters grabbed on to her. I quickly ran out to the balcony to see if I can see anything. My mom yelling back at me to come inside and that we have to seek shelter as she pointed to the closet door. I told her "Mom if it's a bomb I doubt that the closet is going to save us." The sky was clear so I could see the whole city skyline from where we were, I was beginning to think of things we could do and use. But before I could act I saw huge flash in the middle of town, only to fade after about a second. I thought... "This is it? this is the bomb?" Suddenly a huge cloud of white smoke rising from the city growing bigger and bigger as it crawled across the town. Remembering how my father once told us "San Antonio is like a huge bowl, If we were to ever flood we could just continue to move away from town and be alright in the hills." We were in the hills! My mom's apartment was just before a hill, which would explain why we could see everything we could!! I yelled at my mom, Hey lets go! We got to get across this hill. I don't really remember what happened next but I remember carrying my brother on my back running with my little sister Delia beside me and Elizabeth to my other side. As we neared the top of the hill there were other people there looking back yelling for us to hurry up. There was a lot of trash everywhere I suppose it was a place where people would go to dump their trash. It was to late the smoke was where we were, I grabbed the nearest thing to us which was an old child's plastic swimming pool and pull it over us. A howling sound could be heard from outside as a crack on a window on a windy night. I yelled for my sister to try to hold her breath as I covered my brothers mouth and nose with my shirt, myself trying not to breath in the smoke. Delia begins to start choking uncontrollably as light becomes instant dark, I realize that Elizabeth wasn't with us. My head beginning to hurt again I feel myself hitting the floor as if it were in slow motion. Muttering "John... don't breath in the smoke.." as my eyes shut.

The sound of my father saying my name comes to mind as I lay there on the dirt. Suddenly, I am being shaken by my father yelling my name "AUTUMN!!! WAKE UP, WHY AREN'T YOU READY?! YOUR MOM IS ALREADY HERE!!!! My eyes open widely as I jumped out of bed, Ralph playing video games beside me on the bed. "I'm sorry, you looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you" He said. I screamed as loud as I could "AHH!! NO! NO! This isn't happening..." I hugged Ralph as if I haven't seen him in years and begun to cry, "Hey, its alright its only going to be the weekend. I will be here when you get back from your moms, OK?" he said. In a crying shuddering voice " No.. It isn't that! You don't understand I can't go, I don't want to go. There was a bomb and the smoke was going everywhere and people were dying. Delia! Delia was coughing and john.. I don't.." Holding my head closely to his chest Ralph instructed me that it was only a dream. That there is no bomb and that Delia is waiting for me at my moms. Sounds of my mom honking her horn from her new truck I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. My sister waiting as my my shouted out " Come on Chica lets go!" I began to cry as I climbed inside. I started to calm down a bit when my mom started singing some old Cherokee songs from when we were small. Those songs always calm and sooth me. We made our way to her new apartment which was located on the north side of town, Everything was to spot on.. I begun to cry again as I saw my little brother and sister running out from the apartment to greet Elizabeth and I, only I wasn't crying because I was seeing them for the first time in a year but because I felt as if the events were going to happen once again.
Walking inside the apartment was scary, No furniture, Boxes everywhere, A balcony that which could see the entire city. I quickly Turned on the TV and switched it to the news station. Talk about bio-weaponry was being talked about everywhere, I had no Idea. I was without TV for over a year.. My mom told me to change the channel because she didn't want to hear depressing news before dinner. So I changed it to the local news. My little brother was asking me if I could play with him on the balcony so He can show me his new toy cars.. But then my mom shouted, "Hey I made Shake and Bake Chicken! Ya'll ready to eat?!" I froze in place as she served me my food instructing me that we had to eat on the floor due to lack of a table. I began to cry as I ate my food, Savoring every bite. Elizabeth telling my mom that it has been a while since we have had food this long, as if to explain my tears. Keeping a close eye on the television and everything they had to say.. Nothing happened. There was no bomb... There was no smoke... I sigh of relief as the day turned into night. I crawled into bed with my mom as she stroked my hair as if to put me to bed. I told her about my horrify dream I had before I came over, How I lost Elizabeth, and how we took shelter under an old plastic kiddy pool. She assured me that twas only a dream and to rest up because she wanted to take us to the local nature trail just up the hill.

Falling back to sleep comfortable in a nice air conditioned room , I could hear coughing once more.

Opening my eyes to my brother laying beside me, the heat of the sun beating down on my skin. I leaned over and shook John, "Are you alright?" Picking up my head hitting it on the plastic dome of the pool I pushed it off of me and looked around to see the body of my little sister, Her eyes wide open, and bloody foam leaving her blacken lips. I turned and threw up at the smell of her bloated body. I grabbed John and pulled him close to me. He was still coughing. "John! Omg.. please be alright" as I padded his back. "Mommy? Where is mommy? I want to go home now." Fighting to hold back tears I got up and told him to rest on my back so we could find mom. Climbing down the hill we made our way to the apartment only to find it deserted. I Sat john down and told him to get changed out of his dirty clothes and into clean ones, as I grabbed my backpack and putting a can opener with a few cans of corn, sliced oranges, and a few bottles of water. I also grabbed a bat and concealed a kitchen knife encase of looters. "Come on John, We are going to Dad's I know he is alright, He has to be." Walking down the stairs in the parking lot I noticed a shopping cart from before. Putting John in the cart I then began our journey onward to my Dad's apartment which had to have been about 15 miles away. 
Finally making our way threw the heat and stench of courpes littering the streets, we make it to my dad's apartment complex. Taking John out of the basket we walk up the hill and to the apartment. Banging on the door for someone, anyone to open up, the door opens slowly. My dad in tears seeing us at his doorstep grabs us holding us tightly as Ralph slams the door shut behind. " Where are your sisters?" I look at him shaking my head, he instantly knew they weren't coming. I ran to Ralph wrapping my arms around him tightly as I began to cry, He stroked my hair and asked "How did you get here? What happened on your end?" I began to tell him everything. 
Looking around I noticed there was wet clothes lining the the windows and doorways to the apartment, A radio playing nothing but static, and the sink and tub filled to the top with water. I turned to Ralph and asked what it was all about. "there was no way it could have been nuclear so I figured it had to be bioweapontry. as soon as I heard of it on the radio I filled the tub and sink as to get drinking water before it is contaminated, then me and your dad wet the clothes and sealed off any way air from the outside can get inside. Even taped and sealed the vents." he said as he pointed up at where the air conditioning vent was located. My dad was in the kitchen cooking some bacon, "Dad why are cooking at a time like this? We aren't even hungry" I asked him. "Well when the lights go off these electric stoves and fridge won't be working and it will be a waste of food. Besides you don't have to eat it now, Have to preserve it so that we can eat it later when we need the energy." he explained. "Energy huh? Well how long do you think it will be till help comes?" I asked. "I don't think help will be coming anytime soon, we are going to have to find a way out of town." Ralph said as he peered out the window. "Who knows what kind of filth was in that smoke, The military will probably try to blow us off the map. We got to think of remote ways out of here that no one would know unless they lived here." 
"That's not funny" I shouted firmly, "you're going to scare John if you talk like that." Ralph put his hand up as he still gazed outside the window and motioned us to come near. "Shut up and come here, Something funny is going on." My father turned off the stove and walked over to the window as I walked to check up on John who was laying on the couch. Stroking his hair I could hear his snores, He was sleeping. So I walked over the window where my dad and Ralph were at. Peering outside I said loudly "That Man Is AL..!" My father quickly pressing his hand to my mouth "Shut up, I know that man was dead... there's no way." My eyes widen as I backed away shaking my head, "There's no way thats possible" I whispered to myself. "So then It has to be some kind of mutation that effects the nerves-system" Ralph said whispering to my dad. Turning to me Ralph asked " Hey you collect swords right?" Thinking for a moment I shook my head "yeah since I was 10, their in the storage closet on the patio." "Good we might need them encase something things turn out to be the way I think they are. All three of us hiding behind the blinds of our window gazed down on the twitching, crawling man outside on the ground. "He just looks like he's hurt, What if he just needs help. I would be pretty fucked up with us just watching him like this." I said quietly. I knew helping him was out of the question, I've seen those horror films where they guy on the floor needs help only to have someone try to help and be the first to die. "The man crawled up to another body that was from a woman who looked as if she fell from trying to get out of her car, and began to what seemed like he was sniffing her. "Ah gross that shit is just nasty, He better not do what I thi.." Ralph said just before he was cut off. Turning his head away from the blinds my father said"Yeah, he's eating her." I took his place of where he was standing and looked between the blinds to my amazement the man was tearing at the womans eyelids. "Omg... what the hell is going on? Am I dead or something? That can't be real.." Running to the restroom I lifted the toilet seat and threw up. Ralph swiftly following behind me rubbed my back and told me to go lay down on the bed. "How can you be so calm? That man was eating another person..."I said angerly. "Well I think I have spent a good majority of my life playing violent video games and watching horror films My mind is just desensitized." he explained. 
My father came in the room and put john on the bed and told me to get rest. "I don't know if I can sleep after what I just saw.." I told him. In a stern yet calm voice he explained "Well you're just going to have too, because come nightfall we are leaving, Me and Ralph are going to pack the bags and prepare the food. Now do as I say and sleep! you've walked enough already and will useless if you are tired."
Laying down I could feel my feet throbbing from the long walk I had. I could scene the electricity leaving the apartment and dead silence flowing threw. Now I can hear my heart-beating as I fell asleep. Only to wake up in the bed I fell asleep in, My mom jumping up and running to the kitchen. "Oh my! The lights have gone out! Quick Quick! I need to move the milk to the freezer before it spoils!!!" she shouted...

[I will finish this story later, But know that this dream continues like this for about 5 months. I would fall asleep in a comfortable zombie free life only to be awaken up in an apocalyptic nightmare struggling to survive. This made me feel crazy, I would walk around the halls of school where everything was normal, Only to fall asleep that night and have to sever the heads of the people I once called friends. This includes when I would sleep in my classes at school. Until Finally I die and awaken at home, and haven't been able to remember a dream ever since.]

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Comment by Komrad Dead Warrior☭ on October 29, 2011 at 11:07am
Wicked writing at it best!
Comment by Lisa Martyn on October 27, 2011 at 7:32pm
good job|!
Comment by Lisa Martyn on October 27, 2011 at 7:32pm
Nicely written young lady ..you are  a very good writter .. thats for sure! i loved it!
Comment by Autumn Takayuki on October 27, 2011 at 12:27pm
Thank you. :] Although at the time This really did make me feel crazy. @_@;

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