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The end of the world

I cant believe it.Its going to be from zombies!!!!!NO!!!!!In the year 2012 solar flares will go strait to our planet causing catastrophic damage to our planet.This has been proven by scientists.2012,thats 3 years from now,makes me sad because no I know that I will die before I reach the age of 18,at my age of 16.

Added by Кomrad Diclonius #9 on August 26, 2009 at 8:25pm — 2 Comments

God help me.Part 4

I gave the order to attack.In no time bullets were flying everywhere.I ran to cover and blind fired.I reloaded and stood up.Bullets were shooting past me so I went back to cover and blind fired again.My gun jammed,I pulled out my machete and charged,slicing open any one who was in my way.Then I saw the leader,I ran to him.He pulled out a katana,we were ready to fight,winner takes all.He was blocking all my attacks and I did the same.Our swords were locked,his on top.I was pushing him as hard as… Continue

Added by Кomrad Diclonius #9 on August 19, 2009 at 8:55am — 2 Comments

God help me. Part 3

"Gather everyone outside."I commanded.A few mins past and everyone was in order."Alright men this is the time we get our revenge,this is the time we take back our city and kill the one who tried to make us our slaves.We will show no mercy,we will kill every last one of them.Now get your weapons from the bunker and meet at the city's front gate."I grabbed an AK47 and a machete."No Tyler you cant go."Natasha said."Dont worry I'll come back alive,you just wait here and wait for me."I said.?I ran… Continue

Added by Кomrad Diclonius #9 on August 8, 2009 at 2:04pm — 1 Comment

God help me. Part 2

few months later

I was in my cell when the guard came in to give me what they call food."So your that Natasha girl's boyfriend.Just to let you know I was on her all..."I punched him in the gut,kneed him in the face,and snapped his neck.I took his keys and gun and let out all the slaves and sex slaves."Come on Natasha!"I yelled."We have to get to the bunker its the only safe place."She didnt say any thing.She held my hand and we ran.We got to the bunker with the rest that made it."so what… Continue

Added by Кomrad Diclonius #9 on August 6, 2009 at 12:16am — 1 Comment

God help me. Part 1

Lincoln Park Michigan,2012,July 5th,4:00 am.

My name is Tyler Lindsey,but most people call me Komrad Maggot.I am 16 years old,for over 3 years there has been an infection that brought the dead back to life and eat living flesh and then pass on the infection.2 years after it started we started to rebuild civilization.We all had our own roll,I was a hunter for my people and my girlfriend Natasha was a nurse at out medical center.1 year after that a large group of survivors came to our… Continue

Added by Кomrad Diclonius #9 on August 3, 2009 at 12:46am — 2 Comments

Death is(my poem)

Death is...

Death is the fear,
that all of man has everyday.

Death is a part of life,
that man will have to face.

Death is something,
that man contently tries to get away from.

Death is sadness,
that man will fell when his time has come.

Added by Кomrad Diclonius #9 on July 22, 2009 at 12:33am — 2 Comments

Vampire,Human,Subucas,and Demon pt.2 section 1 new friends and enimes

day 2

I awoke on my bed.I got dressed and walked to the school,taking a short cut through the graveyard.I heard what sounded like a bike,but I didnt really care.I was usaly the only one that would take graveyards as shortcuts in the human world but I guess other people will here.Then something ran into me and knocked me down."Ouch,my back."I looked over and saw a girl geting up next to her bike.

girl:I'm very sorry,something got in my eye and,

Tyler:Its ok,I'm fine,my names Tyler… Continue

Added by Кomrad Diclonius #9 on July 6, 2009 at 10:55am — No Comments

Vampire,Human,Subucas,and Demon pt.1 The Begining

My name is Tyler Lindsey,I have black hair,15 years old and I was originally from America until my parents decided to move to Japan.Now this is my Freshmen year at Tumzanmi academy in Tokyo Japan.Its a school for monsters.I'm a mixture of human,vampire,subucas,and demon.I'm ridding the bus and I'm the only one on it.

(bus stops)

Bus Driver:Good luck kid,this is a very hard school to be in.

I steped out of the bus and into a crowd at the front gate of the school.Then a girl talked… Continue

Added by Кomrad Diclonius #9 on July 2, 2009 at 9:57am — No Comments

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