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This way its easier to respond and reply to eachother than posting poems on the main spot...dive right in, dont be shy!!

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I've bent but never broken, I was always too strong,

Bend, bend, bend, test me, you were always wrong,

Determined you felt, I will break him,

Still I bent, I bent, laughing, I bent,

I've bent but never broken, I was always too strong,

This was my pride, my motto, I shall never break,

You bent me, and bent me, each time I felt weaker

But I refused to break, no not I, bend me I shouted, laughing...

Unbreakable I felt, I could never snap,

Bent and bent almost broken, but too strong for that.

Then one day, you grabbed me and said,

"I shall break you"

The echo remains in my head,

My strength remained hard,

My resistance steadfast,

As you twisted and bent,

My strength could not last,

I bent and I broke, you accomplished that feat,

The only time ever I can say I've been beat.

i like

The calm sleepless nights
Impervious to feeling
Ever forgiving

The shadows of thought
Lay siege to my emotions
Never relenting

Sleep overtakes me
Mercy to a restless mind
Torture to the soul
I like!

like it, now get some sleep! lol


Drifting away in your arms, collapsing in your grasp,
Break my fall,
This moment won’t last,
So while I’m here embrace me,
Shelter me with words; shield me with love,
Taste me,
Sensual sessions, heaven-felt blessings,
Surrounded by beauty, I’m in love with your essence,

Drifting from your arms, further each day,
Still falling, still fading away,
Break my fall,
This moment lasts too long,
Torn between the loving and the feeling of wrong,
No shelter, no shield, bittersweet taste,

I drift away alone, close my eyes to see your face…

The expansion of the emotions continues to devour what is left

Struggling, torn inside

Being pulled.

This way, that way, follow me...

Is this the path I chose

Or the one you chose for me?

The voices are not ones of reason

I can hardly hear the message. Confusion

Overwhelming, frustrating

Yet calm and peaceful. For this is what I know...

angel wings to eben to see.

shadows play in the gray light.

fire of autumn orange, kissed with sky blue.

paint with these in my empty mind....fill the shadows of my longing soul.

make me feel...cry...luagh...turn me to dust!

then let my soul rise filled with life lust!




Fairly recently written, Im a little rusty, I dont seem to have the spark I did before...I need to write more


Perhaps I have a fatal flaw, I fall victim once again
I swear that I won’t and then I do
Self-inflicting what I feel, I cause this
Silent words I spoke, broken hopes I allowed
Expectations precede reality
Why do I care?
Why do I allow this when none reciprocates?
Setting myself up for failure
Something so close feels farther than ever before
Foolish me thought I could grasp it
Thought I could hold it, I thought it was mine
Perhaps I have a fatal flaw…


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Call me Cleo... Miss Cleo. Dial the # on the screen, 4.99 for a 10 min consultation....

fucking hell... i knew it.  didn't i just fucking predict what was coming?  got the orders an hour ago along with an hour long briefing from some lab monkey.

the last few days we spent working our way around the wall, checking for problems.  and there were some fucked up problems.  strange fucking shit going down around this city.  i can't believe some of the shit we ran into... shit with no logical explanation, shit that scares the hell out of all of us.  we were told not to…


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The Learning Curve behind Revenant Urban Warfare

structural and interior clearing ops have been placed on hold indefinitely.

street clearing ops have been placed on hold indefinitely.

not just because we almost lost the goddamned wall around city.  and not just because we almost lost it in 2 places.  no, it's HOW we almost lost it.

fuck... was a god awful fucking night.  if i suddenly cease transmissions, it's not because i'm dead, it's because i fucking swear the next fucker that kicks us out…


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Urban Warfare Operations Engaging Revenants- Phase 1: The Tactical Drive By

goddamn! some days i really love my fucking job.  so we're still in the middle of locking down chicago, il.  sappers have set up a wall around the entire city.  nothing gets in, nothing gets out without our say so.  the navy and coast guard are constantly patrolling the rivers and lakes.  the evacuation procedures have officially ended, although we expect to recover hold outs barricaded here and there.  now we can fucking get this party started.

urban ops are fucking scary, man.  you…


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The Mutation

Blue Skies Burning- Empires On Fire


The Return plus 8 weeks

Continental United States - Illinois

Somewhere in Downtown Chicago


effects from the fine edge

Lightning lashes Across The Abyss


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