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Hi! I'm Velma!

I'm a different kind of Velma then you remember from Scooby Doo! HAVE NO FEAR though. I am just as GEEKED OUT about research, science and history! I have run the whole YOU DECIDE section sense we opened up the website. If I had to describe my mission with this section I would have to say that it's purpose is to discuss the actual theory and fact of ZOMBIES and a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. I have found that it isn't the most popular subject when it comes to ZOMBIE CULTURE. Mostly people think you are crazy for believing in the possibility of ZOMBIES or they are more focused on shooting them in the head (which is a perfectly reasonable response BTW) then learning about what makes them tick. Not me though. Forever the outcast apparently. Even in the outcasts themselves... LOL... So I thought I would start this new section in an attempt to get more people involved. So EVERYONE have you ever randomly wondered something about ZOMBIES? ever have any WHAT IF'S wondering around in your head? Wondering why ZOMBIES are they way they are in any way or if they would really be in real life as they appear in the movies? Ask away!!!

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at I don't I will look up and if your question is interesting enough I might even write a whole post about it. Either way though I shall answer your question(s) as detailed as I can with plenty of different reference material! Its like being smart without all the

trouble of going about learning anything. I shall do it for you. So ask away!

Also if your not a big reader or simply do not have the time then I have been known to AUDIO RECORD my posts and would have no problem doing that for your particular question so that you may listen along while going about your other projects.

So... Have any ZOMBIE GEEK questions about the Zombie Apocalypse or any other various theory rolling around in your head that you want answers to then do what the title of the page tells you to do... ASK VELMA!

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Comment by Velma Giggle Wink on February 8, 2012 at 7:57pm

How quick are you to kill a walker? Do you ask a question or do you take it out as quickly as possible? Do strangers automatically become dangers or are they still friends you haven't met yet? Do you shoot first, then ask questions; or vice versa?

Okay, So is it me or does this sound more like a how exactly does Velma tick inside kinda question to you guys. That is fine though. Just hope you don't all run screaming from the page. *WINK* As far as the first question. "How quick are you to kill a walker?" Well I guess the only way I can think to answer that question is AS QUICK AS i HAVE TO BE TO NOT BECOME A SCOOBY SNACK! As far as asking a question... I find that zombies are not the best at giving directions so much as trying to naw your arm off so basically DUDE IS GONNA DIE AND STAY DEAD THIS TIME! LOLBut seriously I get what you were asking and to answer that question. I am not to cold hearted. If you don't show signs of life before you get within reach then you are SHIT OUT OF LUCK! I Will steel a phrase from ToxicTina ( Christina ) Don not mistake kindness for weakness. If I even feel you are endangering my personal bobble or anyone else with me then I'm sorry for you. It's just not smart to take those kinda chances with zombies running about. I'll feel really bad if I accidentally kill someone living but me and my people will live to fight/survive another day so...

Okay your stranger danger question :) I would defiantly take into account at all times the fact that high stress situations make some people very nasty, make some very stupid and worst of all both. So again If you are approaching me and my loved ones you better identify your self as friendly real quick in some way and you better damn well not even come close to pointing any kind of gun at me or anything like that. I know I would have to eventually kill someone that way though unfortunately... Because I like people for the most part guys. I really do but I surround myself on a constant basis with extremely smart people. The only reason I am as smart as I am is because I just had to keep up with them. *SIGH* However between all these super smart people I know NOT A DAMN ONE OF THEM HAS ANY KIND OF COMMON SENSE! So I take a twisted kind of comfort know that even though they are smarter then me  ( and probably always will be ) they will more then likely end up with a bullet in their head for doing something like not announcing themselves in a room of men filled with guns and I will be finding a place to start over.

Comment by Velma Giggle Wink on February 8, 2012 at 7:49pm

What happens if a human has SEX with a Zombie,
will the human become one?

Okay your answer is a lil more complicated then what you probably think. It would depend on the specific kind of zombie outbreak there was. If it was something like the NANOBOTS then the answer would be NO unless the person controlling them took up that opportunity to infect a different host. As for the viruses... If it were a virus that acted more like the rage virus from the movies then the answer would be YES because a virus like that would be highly contagious in many aspects. This virus in real life would be more then likely a combo of viruses already in existence, such as the RABIES VIRUS, MAD COW or even the NECRO virus. All of which attack the stimulus portion of the brain and would in turn make the virus they are infected with more contagious and there for would be able to be transmitted by any bodily fluid. If it came from a virus that attached only the joints and only the motor control portion of the brain then the virus would more them likely move to slowly to be able to become infectious to that extent before the cells in the body would start to break down.

I hope this answered your question in full. I feel I would be amiss if I did not recommend SAFE SEX when it comes to
SQUISHING with a zombie! I don't care how caught up in the moment you will get! If not then you will have the worst case of  CROTCH ROT anyone has ever heard of! LOL... Oh and Tape it!!! If for no other reason then that is defiantly gonna be one of those things that you are gonna have to have proof of before you start telling anyone!

~ Velma ~

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