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Nanobots and Government Zombies


  At the risk of sounding like one of those crazy conspiracy nuts who have spent way too many nights in front of a computer screen, chain smoking cigarettes and downing way too much coffee, I have to say that the government is the most viable place that this type of zombie would come from.

So lets start with the definition of a nanobot. They are basically really tiny robots. They are close or are on a microscopic level. ( That we know of ) At this time they are said to still be in the research and development stage. However some primitive molecular machines have already been tested. Advanced nanobots will be able to sense and adapt to environmental stimuli such as heat, light, sounds, surface textures, and chemicals. They will be able to perform complex calculations. They will be able to move, communicate, and work together, conduct molecular assembly, and, to some extent, repair or even replicate themselves. They would also more than likely have to work in large groups. So to put it in simpler, albeit geekier terms, they will be like the Matrix Machines.

In the same way that there was a race to the moon there is also a race to create and advance nanobots.  Large corporations, such as General Electric, Hewlett-Packard and Northrop Grumman have been recently working in the development and research of nanobots. One of the more positive ways that this technology can possibly be used is in the medical field. Surgeons are getting involved and starting to propose ways to apply nanobots for common medical procedures. Universities and research institutes were granted funds by government agencies exceeding $2 billion towards research developing nano devices for medicine.They are also exploring the possibility of injecting these tiny robots into the blood stream. Then they would send a signal telling them to seek out and destroy cancerous cells. The problem they are having with it is being able to get a signal to something that small when it is in a human body.

This is actually A pretty awesome website I came across explaining very clearly what exactly nano technology is. So if you are interested in learning more about it click the picture...
This is where Zombies come into play. Well , the reason there is such a race to master this technology by the government is because like most everything else we always want to be the guys with the biggest guns at the table.  Whether that be in medicine, warfare, exploration or anything else that might give us any kind of upper hand in any kind of situation. Basically because that's how we run the table. The world we live in is basically one big dick swinging contest. So, to this extent all different kinds of things co mingle. Such as technology, median, warfare and exploration.  We are off to the races now. One of the many reasons we want to master nano technology before anyone else is because if we can figure out how to inject these tiny robots into a human person and have them in effect basically cure cancer, then we can have them do all manner of other things while they are in there as well. We could for insincere get it to kill the host that it resides in. As a matter of fact you wouldn't even have to kill them.  Imagine having a live host to do your bidding is much better then a dead one. They can do it for longer and they wouldn't have to worry about decomposition. This is where the zombies emerge. I would call someone who has no control over what they do and are ruled by only a primal desire of something/anything a zombie. Whether they be dead or alive. After that all that would be needed to make that horrific thought reality would be to weaponize  in some manner so it could be spread massively, and quickly among whoever we chose. Though its not like we have ever had any part in funding or manufacturing anything like that before right... Oh! Wait! Yes , we have . Been doing it a really long time as well. Even as far back as the 5o's when we where testing fusion bombs. Probably even further. Just don't have the info in front of me right now , or I would give you more examples.

Those thoughts are the ones that will keep you up at night, aren't they???  See , I don't believe in zombies because , I think the thought of getting to kill them in a cheer leading outfit , with grande wielding pom poms and a chainsaw "I call Bessy "would be fun.

( Okay... that was a little to much detail. Witch actually kinda does show that I have thought about it. LOL... But only for fun in my head. Not in real life. ) I believe in tangible proof. There is logical and realistic theories out there about this subject. There for much like us being aware of things to guard against when you are doing things like driving a car or flying in an airplane, it is also responsible and reasonable of us to know what to guard against involving an out break of zombies. You don't do it because you expect it to or even want it to happen. You do it for the same reason you pay your car insurance. Just encase.

By : Charlotte

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when i think of this type of zombie. i think of a certain creature in the Star Trek universe. they are The Borg. short for CYBORG. they think, act, and exist like a bee colony but with a mentally link co-existence.

thats great! LOL


But they look kinda cute!!!

Or is that just me? LOL

they might be cute if you can program them to do a "Hello Kitty" tattoo on someones ass while they are asleep. but as far as being cute in general. i would have to say that its just you. lol

DAMN! Guess I'm just a big weirdo again!!! :) At least I'm in the right place to be one this time! :)

i dont know. i think it would take one weird. no, let me rephrase that. totally of the fucking hook, psychotic nut job. to program a multimillion dollar piece of micro machinery to do "Hello Kitty" tats on peoples asses. lol. that would be the one to fear more then a z-poc. lol.

See I would totally do that and then when they asked why I would tell them i had to figure out some way to tell my bitches apart from the rest of the crowd... LOL... and then shortly after that knowing my friends... well... i would run LOL

run if you wish. run if you might. but if it were me. i would wait till you went to sleep. then put your hand in warm water so you peed your sleeping bag the next night. lol. old hunters trick used to initiate a new hunter to the hunting lodge. lol. gotta love the classics.

Oh you don't wanna get into a prank war with me there spanky! I have taken bigger men then you down!!! LOL

nobody has taken me yet. lol.



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