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Entry 1

It has been 7 months since the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. My name is Adam, last name not of any importance anymore these days. Fall has been a blessing so far with the cool winds coming in, Summer this year was vicious making the smell of rotting flesh unbearable in some areas. Been traveling for a while now, through the back woods of Mississippi. It tends to be easier to outrun, outsmart, and out maneuver the zombies within the woods. But you have to know where you are going, your paths to take, else you trip and fall and become easy prey for the undead.

I took up arms quickly once the ZA began, running to the nearest Z-mart to snag several first-aid kits, a backpack to carry them in. A few rolls of duck tape, some super glue, a machete and some other few necessities of survival needs. I was lucky to get that much due to the already sacked area of food supplies and camping gear equipment. But I’m looking to try and travel light at first. There were plenty of milk jugs outdated and still full in the broken down freezer area, I took several emptying them out, could use them later for water stock if need be. Anyways, I knew I could not stay at the store for too long, there was still some enforcement trying to stop looters but it was too happening in too much bulk to be able to stop it all.
It’s funny the things you miss within the first weeks of not having them. TV, music pod, computer and internet, a nightly bath…weekly shave. Thankfully I found this notebook that I can record some things which are going on, and that if I should ever fall prey as zombie food that maybe my word will reach others. At least my story will be known. So begins present day… Oct. 3rd, 2019. No one really remembers the first incident of where the outbreak began. U.S. states it was Europe, Europe states it was the U.S. This country and that country, personally who cares, it happened. Sometime in March 19th was when it had became a national epidemic for us. Heard it was happening in areas here and there, gas shot up to 12.59 a gallon to the places that could get gas, but more or less it became a major issue in my hometown then as well. Several sightings at first, then more and more till contact was no more. Panic had already been in place for a while now, violence begets more violence they say.

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i like it. going on to check out part two.


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