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November 3rd, 2019 - Finally I arrived on the outskirts of what seems to be a small city. It's the first that I have been to in a long time.  Finding no one around at first I found a few houses that were vacant with no signs of recent activity.  I found 2 bottles of tylenol with around a total of 93 pills left. Unfortunately all foodstuffs around were spoiled besides a couple of canned foods.  I found a couple of family albums which reminded me of a time I had once forgotten.  A picture of two children on swings being pushed by their parents.  A loving setting on a nice sunny day, it looked as if there were no problems, no pain..just a time to enjoy and remember.
After a little while of remembrance I forgotten that I had a mission...Night had fallen without me paying attention.  I decided to take shelter at this location for the evening.  Eating a couple of pears for the evening I heard some noises from outside, but it just seemed to be some dogs searching for food.  In the fridge was some rancid meat stuff, almost made me sick to my stomach, but i was starting to get used to that smell.  I sat on the couch staring at the tv and imagined I was watching an old comedy movie.  I could play it out just fine in my head so it gave some amusement.  Watching "Nothing but Trouble" was an interestingly creepy comedy..I burst out in a laugh which caused the dogs outside to come to the house and try scratching at the doors and windows trying to get in.  Little did I know about one door on the back side having a doggy door...one of the smaller dogs came in, growling and trying to snap at me, remembering the fridge I had ran to it opening it up allowing the dog to take it's meal and leave.  This is not a safe place for me to be...these dogs are hungry and will probably sacrifice some pain to get a bite at fresh food.  For the time being I'm upstairs in one of the kids bedroom with the door braced.  The other dogs had already taken siege of the doggy door and are in the house now...Scared I have no clue what to do, I've always hated stray dogs

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SWEET!!! when is the enxt installment??? lol.

I'll have it up by Sunday babe! :)


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