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January 13, 2020 - 18:31 - Please please please please please be in this building somewhere.  I need you, Adam.  I'm shaking so bad right now, tears are just pouring out right now.  I had to stop and notate what's going on just to keep record of it...Okay it's not for the record but to keep me sane and focused at the moment.  I'll forever remember 18:30 for the rest of my life.  It was about 20 minutes ago when I noticed this building, it had a fallout shelter sign above an atm outside. The buildings main sign however, labeled "MyuTek Industries" seems new.  I sorta recall hearing something on the news about it a few years ago. Apparently they were some type of research company that had just hired a new Public Relations person that once managed a well known umbrella factory that had gone under.  By the time that thought had passed I heard that loud buzz noise again shout out over the city.  That was about 10 minutes ago.  After that time marker, it beeped again once every minute.  It finally dawned on me what was about to happen.  I tried to get into the building to find a way in but the front doors were locked and unbreakable.  2 minutes ago that loud noise that sounded like a deranged version of Gabriel's trumpet signaling the end blasted every 10 seconds.  I began to panic, if not for me writing down the 13 26 01 03 06 in your journal I would probably be dead by now.  I ran to the ATM machine and nearly tore the page out of the book and entered in the number completely.  After entering in the number the ATM machine moved to the left with a stairwell going down underneath the building.  I quickly went down to the doorway at the bottom of the steps and dived into the room.  The ATM above made the grinding sound as it moved back into position with a loud locking sound behind it.  I shut this cold heavy iron door behind me just in time to hear the buzzing sound going off several times in a row.  Across the room was an elevator door which I quickly pressed the button beside it.  The doors opened and I got in, after the last buzz the doors shut and everything started to shake.  The elevator started a freefall, shaking the whole way, I must have went down 10 floors until the elevator emergency brakes took over and jilted me hard.  An emergency light had come on which I'm using now to see what I am writing.  What do I do, Adam?  What can I do? Are you in here? Please be in here.......                                                                                                  ~ Eve ~

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okay kiddo. get that guy to writing. i need more. more more more! lol. totally hooked now.

LOL Oh the new entries are already writin I just like to torture you by making you wait! :) Evil like that and all! :)

well see, there is a problem with the whole "torture" thing. when i am tortured with waiting. i get all excited and before i can make it to the bathroom, i find i cant hold it and leave a BIG yellow stain on the floor because i PEED myself. lol. you dont want a big yellow stain do you??? lol.

Well not a big fan of the golden shower sooo!!!! Okay! I am putting up the last 2 right now!.

OH!!!! And he is writing a a new series i am starting to put up :)

Torture Torture Torture LOL

OH NO!!! HERE COMES THE PEEEE! opps. to late. lol.


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