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December 19th 2019 - I haven't written in quite a while due to not knowing if the huntress may read again and snap at me. She's definitely changed a bit since reading my last notation; however, I've taken a bit of the lady's advice and have been more controlling of my conversations about where we are going or what her past was like. Half the time I may get some information out of Eve, the other times I just get tears. I found that Abigale did try and kill many zombies. In fact it was the only way that Eve was able to make an escape from the danger. It seems that Eve was given no choice in the matter and was left a small scar on her left cheek where Abigale sliced her as a threat to run or she'd kill Eve herself before the zombies could get her. As far as parents go, Eve still will not budge on the information.

We've managed to get around a hundred miles north before coming across a small encampment in the woods. It seemed to be a hunters camp, Eve noticed that many traps similar to hers were set off already, perhaps a long time ago. There is no current sign of anyone had been here for a while. But we will make camp for at least a week to gather supplies and possibly more information about the whereabouts of this camps old inhabitants.

At least we'll not be moving for Christmas day, I have something planned. But will not notate it here due to possible spying eyes. Till next time, a Merry Zombie Christmas!

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i really liked the last one. i wondered what would happen if the lady fare would have seen the writings. lol.

SHe would have beat him! DUAH! LOL

*Giggle Wink*

shame this has no pictures. that would make it super cool. lol.


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