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this a story i was developing with a bud, sorry ta say the venture fell through.
i would really hate to see this story die, so i ask y'all to help me continue it.
just add to it, lets see where we can take this thing!

dead side

The jedI temple…during the purge

Once…I was jedI.

I am dead, dead and angry…..very angry!

The purge came to the temple….the new lord vader lead troopers to our very doors.
We never stood a chance…vader, glowed with the dark side….left it in his wake.
I am sure that evil still roams the crumbling halls of the temple.
I was a padawan, I girl just before the age of trials.
My master, master rehne fought with the fierce pride of the warrior she was born to be.
But against vader and the dark side….
I still can see her being dissected..

skywalker then turned his cold eyes on me….he didn’t waste any of the force on me…straight in with his saber, through my heart.

I died.

Something woke me…a scream…a child’s scream.
Face down in the great hall where vader had left me.
I pulled myself up, slowly…pain fired along my chest…every breath feels like razors in my lungs.
this wasn’t right….
I-I’m...suppose to be dead.

Sandpaper encases my brain, a dull thudding sound racked my chest…just above…a hole?!
hands reach for the hole…burnt flesh encircles a passage that went all the way through my chest…out my back….inches from my heart….the saber cauterized the wound.

I have a frigging hole in my chest!!

The screams echo both inside and outside my head….the force is also screaming.
Even the force does not feel right…before it felt warm…a carefree haze.
Now, it boiled….hot and icy at the same time…where it only whispered, now it raged with venom.
It slithered tightly around me…binding me in angry coils….the dead…I could hear the jedI cry out….

“kill them all!”

A cold grip in the force….needles of power ran through my spine….a dark need.
Something snapped in me, a small wave of anger rising in me….
I felt the troopers before i saw them….10 heavily armed, and armored….how I hated them…I felt the hate in my core….let it grow…let it feed on my anger….

Is- this the dark side?

The troopers raised their weapons…the rage pent up in me surge forward…up, out through my lungs.
I released it in a scream of hate….the force shot out in a wave, tossing the troopers like rag dolls.

“don’t…you can’t…you are jedI.”

The knight lay against a wall…his legs bent the wrong way….saber burns were his left arm and lung would have been.
His flesh was cold…long since dead…how…..did I hear him talk?
His hand shot out catching me in a grip of iron, cold eyes locked with mine.

“stray not...into the dark side jedI…” a rasping sound from his shattered lungs as it fell back against the wall…dead and unmoving.

“what the hell?!”

I sprawled away from the dead master…my mind rebelled at what just happen.
the dead do not talk…sure jedI move from the living to the force.
but they sure as hell do not use dead flesh to talk with the living…what the hell happen to the sparkly ghost shit?

“kill them, make them pay!” the icy force screams, daggers embed me brain.

was this the voices of dead jedI?

A blaster bolt slammed into my shoulder…hot, wet…and pain.
My hand reacted before I did.
The force pulled at the trooper, lifting him up, I used my other hand…pulled hard.
The sound of ripping flesh, muscle….bone.

I felt a smile creepy along my face as his right leg fell into the dirty floor.
Licked my lips as I watched his blood splatter.
I lifted him up higher…so all his friends could see him.
I reached inside him with the force…felt what I was looking for and pulled slowly…enjoying the wet crunching sound of his brains being ripped out through his eye sockets…..his screams…made my heart dance.

It was weird, a strange silence…as the shocked troopers stared at what was left of their commander.
The shock didn’t last long…


Their blaster bolts slammed into me…rage and pain ripped through me.
The force reached out….searching for something.
Then I heard them…the sound of sabers igniting. I looked up to see 5 sabers, taken from the dead knights….all dancing around me, deflecting the bolts away.

Did… I do this…or is force working it’s will through me?

I stepped forward, with the force I grabbed the first trooper within reach….dig nails into his flesh and pulled…I felt his neck stretching….his flesh tighten then rip…at the sight of his blood I pulled harder…his screams just feed my lust for his blood…to feel it…see its crimson stain my flesh…my robes soaked in his blood.
I gave a roar, all the anger I had behind it…his head tore free from his body….his blood spurting like a fountain…soaking me to the bone…..I reached for the next trooper…..

A few minutes later all ten trooper lay mangled around me, I am drenched in gore and blood.
The force is razor blades and needles, I let out a howl of pain, and rage.
Fall forward into the filth and rotted bodies.
The force whispers darkly in my mind…the voices of the dead jedI become a silent chant, a one word drone.
I roll over breathing hard.
Can’t think…..
I feel it start low, not sure where it is coming from at first….
I realize with dread that it is me….
It’s my voice.
What the hell is happen to me?

“oh, you are a wicked little killer my dear!”
What I see before me is not a human…there is a dark shifting shadows that dances all about him.
He is of the dark side...a pillar of dark power.
I reach for him in the force, daggers driving for his brain…his blood.
A small flick from the shadows and I am deflected. Hate flares in me….I will not be denied.
His blood will be mine. I pull inward letting the anger feed.
His shadows shifted, a strike fast as lighting toward me.
I let the force explode outward with all the rage I can feel.
The shockwave counters his attack just enough to leave him open.
I drive in hard, the force is my dagger….it bites deep into his side, tasting his blood.

“twisted little bitch!”

He screams…it is not a normal scream, pure hate hits me. The force withers under the sound of his voice.
His shadows assault me from everywhere.
The are like razor wire, cutting me deep…the pain feels…delicious.

A dark ecstasy envelopes me as I feel the dark power that he is.
“you wish blood? I can give that to you.”
I lock eyes with him, feeling the dark truth of what he is…what he can do.

“you are no jedI…no, you are something else.”
I feel the dark side reach into me, feel him pull my mind just from the blood.
“you feel…the dead?”
He smiles darkly at me.
“oh….you will do nicely.”
I smile, thinking of the pain I will inflect in his name…the blood that will flow for his pleasure.
His smile a thing of icy evil.

I was jedI…before I died…..now….
I am the emperor’s wicked one.
I am Blood, I give the dead a voice

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I wake to the screams...like a swarm of jeela flies in my head, as my consciousness grows, I am aware of the smell of offal and death. My sight returns to me and I can see the carnage of what used to be my home. The Jedi Temple is in ruins. 

Movement down the corridor. I begin to rise only to realize that a great weight has me pinned. I reach for the force and it is like ice and claws to me now, when always it had been a warm hand in the cold night. Something is wrong. My inability to think clearly added to the onus of unpinning myself of this mass that lies atop my body, all this and more begins to anger me. Sudden flashes of the battle. Memories distracting me from using the force to free my self. Mace Windu's voice giving orders to hold the temple.

Finally my anger crests and, pulling the new pain of the force to my core, I push at the weight piled atop me. When it is lifted I can see that the weight was the bodies of many of my students. As i rise to my feet I notice that much of my robes are burnt off along with a lot of my flesh. I should hurt. I should not be able to move.

A scream of frustrated anger comes from down the corridor. I turn towards the noise but I am stopped by Master D'shen's hand on my burnt leg.  "That way lies the dark side, stay with us a while longer." he says. But his mouth never uttered a sound. it could not have because there was no mouth left to his visage.

The pain of the force returns and I hear the word "blood" being screamed down the hall. I run towards it but the way is difficult. Columns and bits of ceiling have collapsed into the main thoroughfare and bodies were everywhere. My limbs tremble with pain from force that I am using to keep going. But the Razors in my veins sharpen my mind. To my left i can hear a detail of clone troopers heading towards me I turn in time to deflect the first blaster shot, but not the next or the rest that followed. New pain explodes into my body until I am able to think clearly.

How dare Imperial Troops attack a Jedi of the Order? My anger mounts and as the blaster burns destroy what was left of my humanity I realize that they cannot kill me, for I am death. To them and to all who will stand before me. The hunger for their destruction becomes a physical need to destroy these small creatures and drink in all that they are. 

I reach for the Force and it no longer pains me. it comforts me and agrees with my choice. The force is once again my ally as I begin to pull the troopers in on them selves their screams like a choir of entropy. Their blood drains and gathers at my feet clothing me in robes of viscera and crimson death.  

I hear voices toward the main hall I move toward the the sounds just in time to see a young bloody padawan declare herself to her new master. A form of shifting shadow and darkness. I can feel his power and hers and I know one thing else about her. She is as dead as I am. I step forward to announce myself. "I am Keth'nar, my Lord, and in life I would have stood against you til my last breath." genuflecting, I say "Death has given me a new outlook. I too am yours, my Master.

i hope others will join...the dead side is a bit empty don't you think?

seems like a ghost town in here

x-mas holidaze...folks are a bit bizzy round this time of year.

sides, i thunking of a good response to yer post.

others will post as soon as they can.

I am named Djinnis my master was the calkin(insect race, much like a praying mantis)called master Senti Utica.
I was born to darkness...sorry bad joke, I was born blind.
Senti Utica’s clan specializes force sight, so she was made my master.
At first I was terrorfied....who would not be.
My master was a seven foot tall white praying mantis.
I would overcome this little phobia, had to calkin share the same quarters as their apprentice.
I would come to admire, respect, and love my master
so her death shattered me...and will not go unavenged...not very jedi like?
I lost my master, my home....my purpose.
I am no longer jedi.
Noting left for me but to avenge the dead now.

Purge of the temple
Djinnis’s tail

The halls are twisted, haze filled with after images of those that passed by.
I hear their screams, can pick up on the fear in their minds.
Smoke assaults me from everywhere.
A face pierces my darkness, a flash of icy porcelain beauty.
A panic grips me, this face haunts, and hunts me...
The sound of blastors, and light sabers snap me from my panic.
I feel the battle ahead, three knights, several storm troopers.
I run toward them.
I feel the anger before I feel him, a tall pillar of lusting hate in the force.
I can see him more as a lack of light, mixed with a gray...mostly dark but very little light left to him....skywalker what has happen to you?
The knights fall before his onslaught.
I fall back into the shadows, I can feel the lust in him, the rush from the taking of another’s life...gods help me I can’t look away.
In him I feel each life, each ending...I feel the anger building him crushing the light further down.
His enjoyment from it all...I should feel sicken, I’m not....I feel a dark desire to join him...

White pain, the beautiful face has found me. “No, you will not!”
She is gone, along with the desire for death.
This time I am sick...I hunch over as my stomach retches.


more soon i hope.

Djinnis story

its hard to describe being hit with a blastor bolt, the heat, the rippling pain...it last for about a tenth of a second....no, what I would use to tell you what it feels like is being hit by a transport shuttle at 3 g-gravity.
I slam into the wall, sliding down it with the grace of a bean bag.
I push out with the force instinctively, knocking the trooper off his feet.
I can’t breath, ribs hurt....few of them might be broken.
Four more troopers round the corner, damn.
I slam down a shield just before the bolts hit...the room spins...still like getting hit by a wookie.
They turn up the rate of fire...the pain becomes numbing...sound seems to slow.
I feel a roar behind me, see a glint of white pass above me.
Twin Blue light sabers of the Senti clan flashing like silver.
I can taste the anger in my master, it burns bright as she uses it to power her.
Anger, and a strange....serenity.
She moves with inhuman speed around and through the troopers...her blades humming as they cuts through bone and flesh.

Standing over the remains I see a sharp pain play through her force signature...regret?
“The taking of these lives was a necessary...evil little one. Forget this not.”
Her click clack voice whispers.
“This one hopes they find peace in the force.”
“Yes master.” I lie, I hope they rot in 9 deferent hells.
She can feel my lie...I know it, yet she moves over it.
“We must leave this place.” she tells me as she grabs the dead troopers blastors.
“The troopers are in the main hall, master, the exits are all barricaded.”
She turns to me...I do not like that look in her eyes.
“Then little one, we travel to the deep tunnels, the old halls...there must be a way out down there.”
A cold fear creeps down my spine, sending a shiver up my arms.
“I have a bad feeling about this....”



Force sight is deferent from “normal” sight.
For one thing...no color (master say that I will eventually see colors)
it’s a hazy fog..with outlined shapes..and impressions.
And the force being the force also carries after images, stray thoughts, and even “echoes”
of other force users...past and present....and otherwise. (The ghost echoes are the ones I hate the most)

(btw forgot to mention....force sighted folks like me...can’t shut our eyes.)
So this is not a good place to be....dark force intermingles with light...
The images here....I will not sleep for the rest of my life....and then some!

The old halls, stories have it that these walls were here before the temple...before the jedi.
The walls do feel deferent then the temple above....older, more energy fills these old stones.
The complex has never been fully mapped out, to many...accidents.
The jedi council closed off the lower halls, making it forbidden for any to enter.
But some have ventured in on dares, and curiosity.
But all have turned back before the archway of the second hall.
We stand before said archway....a strange shadow in the force....it feels real to the touch, yet
I can see it shift and bend.
The echos here are twisted, distorted they whisper warnings of this place.
No wonder everyone turned back.
I can not ‘see’ past the doorway...all I feel is a deep emptiness.
Even my master seems on edge as she stares into the archway

“Master...must we...”

Her mandibles give a quick click as she shakes her head.

“Endurance little one, this path must be walked.”

And through she steps...leaving me no choice but to follow...wonderful.


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Hey All,

   Well, after 9 damn years of rewrites, adding stuff and taking stuff away I have finally finished the first part of a possibly 3 part story. The title is still in the working stages, but as for now, every thing else is finished. I'm working on a few synopsis and looking for someone to provide the images for the cover of the book. Once those are done, the entire thing will be placed up for publishing. Not sure how the hell that will go, but I'm pretty happy with the…


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