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Your trapped on the 50th floor,the power is out,the sun has already set. Your only way out is to go down. you head to the roof and all you see are thousands of zombies entering the building,the stair wells are filling up fast. You have one fire axe, one flashlight and 20 confused and scared people, crying and screaming. How do you get out?

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Climb down the elevator shaft!! But first use the stair wells as far as you can go. Then, and only then get into a elevator shaft or even the air conditioning. And hope to god that some asshole does not attract
any zombies with their screaming or demands for attention due to their status in society.

Everyone finds a weapon even an iron,what ever you could break and construct,make a barricade to the roof of a intercepting hallway with furniture from the rooms,enforced, tough guys devise a plan to open the alleviate and lower people down, the big mouth screamer must be put in her place and the idiot trying to undue the barricade is severely beaten and used as bait, but were would you go?i doubt you'd find any rock climbing gear anywhere to scale down the building, find refuge for everybody in the air vents and wait till the sun comes up b4 making the next move,1 flashlight and twenty people,the rest of them a screwd if you try to be a hero, or ya have to run away to save ya own ass.
Dude your The fkn retard, your comment is fkd, you got one flash light and you think you can take on a never ending army,let them in one by one, what a joke,you ain't no hero ya bloody idiot,there be know shutting the door once you opened it,the story can be interpreted in many ways, it's not real specific clown!its just a discussion you fckn little retard,not a criticizing profile site
Who cares ya weirdo,carry it on, it's like talkin to a child, if you knew any better you'd act ya age and grow up,let it go already,tit for tat, yes my idea wouldn't work,i know that,and as for pulling a piece of sheet metal out ya arss, you altering the bloody story(They aren't dead, just infected with a virus)who's telling the story mate?
I miss interpreted the story ok!,Oops, i looked at it as if they were just beginning to enter the building,and we were trapped on the 50Th floor,when i say trapped i mean when your exit is blocked off, no matter what floor you on your still trapped.
Jesus! Heated argument. I would kill all of you and eat you myself.
you guys are both dumb cant your see that giant apple men are starting to eat the zombies once they are done, you can just safely leave the building. =D no need for bitching eachother out on a website like nerds! HAPPY DAY!...or else
There wouldn't bee too much to do, besides maybe try to let them in one at a time, blind them with a flashlight, then take them out with the axe. Ehhh I dunno what I'd do.
i like Boodrow's idea. climb down the elevator shaft. go through most of the floors you have time to. arm everyone with some kind of melee weapon, the go down the shaft. every elevator shaft has a service ladder constructed that goes the full length of the shaft. it is recessed into the wall so the elevator will not hit it. use it to reach the elevator at the floor it is stopped on. once there, open the trap door on top. go down in and use the fire axe to chop a hole in the bottom floor. with the hole made, each person one by one continue down to the bottom of the shaft. the bottom of the shaft should take you to the basement however this is not a garuntee. if it takes you to the basement, you should have a safe place to rest for a few, regroup, then decide how to get out from there with little to no problem being the zombies are headding up. if it stops at the main floor, the doors can be forced open where the survivors and myself can use the melee weapons to fight our way to freedom and find another more defendable stronghold.


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