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ZFA Equipment list for survival in any environment:
1. A good pack is essential I would recommend the CamelBak brand pack there are many choices and camo patterns to chose from, they are light weight, and highly durable and include the hydration system and are adapted for MOLLE gear. www.camelbak.com

2. Water source, is very important, if you do not decide to go with the camelback pack, then I would suggest to get 2, 1 quart military canteens, durable light weight, but be sure to get the canteen cover. Grab a water filtration system this will make any water drinkable I use the x-pack filtration system it comes with electrolyte fluid additive. www.tacticalassaultgearstore.com www.safetycentral.com www.yoursafetyplace.com

3. A MOLLE Tactical vest, the MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) system is a way to attach gear so it stays secure, they come in many varieties and sizes, and there are many attachments to suit your needs. www.opsgear.com

4. Boots, are very important there are many different types I suggest a boot that is lightweight and durable my choice is the Oakley Tactical Six held up for a 15 month deployment and still wearing them, they are very comfortable. Make sure you pack extra socks. www.oakley.com/catalog/products/tactical-six

5. Protective mask, the mask you use is what you can afford, make sure its tested and free of defects, that are approved and always have extra filter canisters, you will not know what toxins may be in the air, including smoke from burning buildings, dust and chemicals including rotting flesh which can be a hazard, if you go with a simple industrial painters mask make sure you invest in some air tight goggles to prevent eye membranes from getting damaged

6. Food, make sure you choose the right food for your body needs, going by the food groups help a lot. I suggest Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) put two in your pack and your good for that Quick getaway they have twice the calories of a regular meal for that energy you need, I also suggest some protein bars and granola bars. www.theepicenter.com

7. Gloves, gloves make all the different choose a durable pair, comfortable and that offers some type of Kevlar protection www.code3tactical.com/tacticalgloves

8. Eye protection, I wear two brands, Oakley, and ESS, they both make goggles and regular shades and are impact resistant choose the best for low light conditions and bright light conditions eyewear will help identifying the right target at any time. www.esseyepro.com www.oakley.com

9. Clothing, wearing the right cloths make the difference something lightweight comfortable and has pockets for extra gear, choose a outfit that will be cool in hot weather and can keep heat in cooler weather, and proper head gear makes all the difference simple ball cap will work. Pack at least one change of clothes, this will prevent chafing and wear and will help with rash caused by sweat. www.bdu.com

10. Communications, for a team of personnel or a single lost survivor, I suggest the 2 way FRS/GMRS there are many brands and many features they are sold in pairs and have 10-36mile range with up to 100 channels, get one put it in your pack, there are many wind up flashlight radio combos they recharge with a twist, check them out. Remember to pack extra batteries. www.cobra-radios.com

11. Flashlights, I suggest sure fire flashlights they are high powered, and can be attached to many rail systems for tactical applications. I also suggest the petzl head lamp, they last longer than the surefire lights and you can wear them on your head for hands free capability. Throw some chemlights in your pack, they are bright and disposable and can last up to 12 hours, they come in different colors for whatever needs you come across. www.petzl.com www.surefire.com www.cyalume.com

12. First aid pouch, make sure you have a pouch that can accommodate your needs for at least a week, include some tourniquets and field dressings, medical tape and pain reliever just for starts. Add what you need and what your medical training has taught you. Make sure you pack sunscreen it will help prevent dehydration and headaches when the sun is beating you down. www.afmo.com

13. Watches, you need a good time piece, this will help you coordinate, distant traveled along with ranger pace beads. as long as you get your pace count then you can estimate time of arrival, and help you make it were you need to go in real time, also a lenstatic compass will help you navigate maps, so you can navigate your terrain and get where you going.

14. Knives, I will be packing a machete and a M-9 bayonet. The M-9 Bayonet has a hardened sheath with a built in sharpener, and has the capabilities to cut through razor wire, chain link fence and whatever. Just make sure you choose a knife that supports your needs.

15. Weapons, you can choose whatever rifle, pistol or gun, which you are familiar with. everyone has their choice weapons, just make sure you have holsters for your pistols, slings for your rifles and shot guns, carrying the weapon without these will cause fatigue and as much ammo as you can carry. Always have the right cleaning kit for your weapon system.

16. Extra items, I pack 550 cord about 50 feet, carabineers 500lb rated, neck gator, military poncho and liner, Gerber multipurpose tool and a Zippo with fluid and flints, just pack what you need, too much and your overloaded, be smart and you can survive any situation.

17. Remember if you can’t help yourself how you can help others in the time of disaster. Our goal is to survive any situation.

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* Nylon cord
* Button compass
* Candle
* Flint & Striker
* Hack saw blade
* Tinder
* Fishing kit
* Mini multi-tool
* Matches
* Sewing kit
* Purification tablets
* Safety pins
* Single edge razor
* Salt sachets
* Purification Straw
* Signal mirror
* Whistle
* Snare wire
* Wire saw
* Grip lock bag
* Pencil
* Survival instructions
* Weight: 250g (8.8oz)
* Packed into our lightweight mini mess tin with a rubber seal & roll over clasps.
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Always can spot another military/LEO guy!!! I agree with all but I would also look into the Wiley X brand (they have transistional lenses for a lot cheaper than the Oakleys) that is pretty much how I kit up though


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