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fast zombies, slow zombies, half body zombies, zombies missing body parts. We seen just about every time of zombie out there thanks to so many wonderful people and they ideas. We've seen homemade zombies (frankenstien sorry about my spelling) vegan zombies ( the crow... deal with it) ninja zombies, cartoon zombies, zombies that can dance, zombies that aren't really zombies yet wanna eat all your flesh off..

so i know you're thinking Balthazzar were ya going with this.... here is where I'm going with this out of all the zombies which is the one that gets your motor running the best?

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I bet I could write the answer for this question for several of the members of this site but I will only do mine. My answer is... I don't care really. Fast is scary, slow is fun, shredded is cool, whatever. My only preference is really is that they are dead cadavers and not just sick people. Which would mean they would surely be slow, but I love it all baby.
Slow zombies get my motor running.

The klassics are by far the most nightmarish.

Now those are zombies!
the classics are more real and to the point. when a person dies. rigor mortis sets in so fast that its like a head to toe cramp. and being that you won't be facing one or two. you will be facing ten or more. that is the scary thing about them. being out numbered 2 to 1 in the fight against them and the reality that you won't be going home again. thats the scary thing about a Romero zombie. and thats the kind of zombie that gets my pulse pumping. my heart to race. the "fight or flight" responce if you will. by the time i am done watching one of these movies. i am ramped and ready to go.
Slow moving Romero zoms are #1, with brain eaters from Return of the Living Dead coming in a close second. I'll watch a fast moving zom movie, but they can kiss my ass as far as im concerned.

i to agree with Venessa here. the slow moving ones by theirselves are not much. but let them get a large enough number to them and HOLY SHIT! that is the scariest thing. reason being a person can only watch so many places and its the one you cant see that a shambler will come out of on you. and there is where the motor revs and the heart starts pumping. PLAYTIME!!!! lol.
i want to meet this guy in person one day.

walker or shuffler zombie all the way... you can run around them, but, they pile up in masses, strength in numbers...the eeriness of it is what makes it so scary.

The runner is definatley scary maybe scarier, cause they're is an all around sense of dread.  They dont slow down they will out run you, so you are pretty much fucked...Mankind would be wiped out.   With runners head shots would be all that harder... But they just don't make sense.... Even without rigamortis...How can a body that has decayed so much run?  No muscles no movement...SLOWIES ALL THE WAY!!!!!

I Like Then Dead, Rotting & Slow...

I had a rather interesting idea the other day while helping a friend set up a campaign for a table top role playing game like Dungeons & Dragons but much different.  While he worked on the story line I worked on monsters \ villains. Running with my idea  I made a new classification of zombie( as far as I know I haven't come across anything like my idea yet but if its been done I'll leave it in that game only).

Didn't come up with a decent name for them

Imagine being bitten a you know what's koming, god damn you know good and well, but wait where did the bite mark go. There no sign of it did it really happen you must be nodded off and had a nightmare. There's no pain you feel fine. 

You're now a half dead thing! the toxins in the bite of this undead move rather fast into tricking the mind of the victim, as it pumps your brain full of wonderful endorphins and some rare psychotropics all to keep you from realizing your doom. Then the toxins run rampant through your body.  During the four day incubation period your mind starts to slip and fade away but hey your muscle tone is sweet you must be hitting the gym. Sunlight a bright light gives you skull splitting headaches, but your night vision is off the chain must be all those carrots. You become more aggressive  well you have to to survive right. You lose your appetite and everything you drink you spit back out. The end of day 4 if your party hasn't caught on or killed you by now. Then you are already drenched in their blood and guts grunting as you keep eating them. 

By the start of day six there nothing left but a starving undead beast like the rest.  Whats different is the four days the victim can't see their body decaying they start to becoming paranoid about the way everyone is talking about them and how things are missing maybe people and pets too. Cause the half dead part of them is eating during R.E.M.sleep and is also weakening the groups defenses. Day 4 - day 5 could best be described as watching a TV show that starts when you got bitten to now but unedited so you see everything you actually did then lights out your gone.

Its more of a role playing theme style of zombie 

I need some RP in my life...

Komrad let's make this happen for 2021! 


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