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its known to us all by now that the dead will track us with all they have. we have these same senses but due to reanimation, theirs will be sharper.


olfactory senses:


1) sight

2) hearing

3) smell


two out of three we can avoid and discussed in great detail how to avoid, sight and hearing. however we never discussed how to evade their sense of smell. this is a key weapon in any predators hunting ability to find food. in my opinion, we need to use things that will help hide the human scent from our new found enemy. how do we do this you ask? hunters have solved this problem a long time ago by using scent covers. some are tried and true like SKUNK SCENT. the strong smell of a skunk can hide even the strongest of human body odors. what is your take on it?



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my dad and i both used this stuff to hide us from the very sensitive sense of smell a deer has with awsome results. you apply a small amount on your clothing to hide the human scent the body gives off like perspiration. then a small amount to each boot. the reason for the boots is because of the rubber soles. so if they sniff the ground, they think its 2 skunks walking side by side and think nothin of it. this would also apply when it comes to the crawling zombies being they are closer to the ground.
Invite the dead, I want to kill them not hide from them, but skunk scent is a genius way to hide your scent.
i understand how you feel when it comes to taking out as many stinkers as possable. but sometimes evasion is the better form of valor. and if you have to transvers through an infected area to get something you need, then this will help you greatly. next best thing is deer scents because bottled deer urine can be pretty strong in scent and cover the human scent real good.
for you sweety, my favorite. AXE BODY SPRAY DARK TEMPTATION. lol.
true, I had no idea about deer urine so thanks
I may sound like an asshole saying this but how the fuck due their senses get sharper from reanimation? I mean they're dead and they're just rotting away so if anything I'd have to say their senses are worse than ours I'm not trying to be a dick or nothing but to me that just don't make sense
one would think so. but in some cases, rot can actually make the nerves more sensitive. so for the sense of smell to become accute due to exposure or decomposition might not be that far fetched. its like taking sand paper to an arm or leg. eventually the nerves will be exposed. so decomp can act in the same way. if this is so, we need to be ready some how. animal scents are the one sure way to hide the human factor. especially if they dont attack an animal like pets or those in the wild. all this is pure speculation mind you. but it is something to consider. and being these things are known to hunt by sight, why take a crazy chance?
this is a good point brother. one way to use camp fire smoke is to use wet pine wood. the smell from that tends to linger longer. only draw backs to this i can think of that you cant cook over it. as a result it can only be used to keep bugs away and the camp warm. if you dry wet clothing with this type of fire (or any other fire) the clothing will hold the smoke smell longer.

Something i never understood about the walking dead. the zombies tell us apart from themselves because we obviously don't stink of decay. but since they themselves are rotting, how can they smell anything but themselves? the smell from rotting anything is many times stronger then our sweat or any other stink we could make. each walker is roughly a hundred pounds of rotting human meat. and anyone's who's left a steak to long in there fridge knows that even a little mat stinks to high heaven. and even the inside of there nasal passages are rotting. I there fore strongly believe zombies can't smell anything.

And as anyone who likes fish knows, they eyes are the first thing to start to decay. they become cloudy and the fluids dry basically giving every zombies the worst case of cataracts ever. at beast they will only be able to make out vague shapes, at worst they are completely blind. leaving zombies to rely solely on their hearing.


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