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If in desperate need of food or supplies, you should travel into the nearest city to get them because you will have a great chance of finding what you need.



B: False


Situation: You and your team have decided to make camp next to a lake. In the far distance you see a body moving out on the water. You have a few hours until it is dark. What action should you take?


A: Leave it alone, it is too far away to reach you                                        

B: Move camp location further away from the lake                                      

C: Walk around the lake as a team to get a closer look then make a decision

D: Swim out to investigate the body closer and kill it if it's a zombie            


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I'm going to say a set of spare tires...D

interesting choice care to elaberate on that?

Why carry extra tires when you have the tire patch/ plug repair kit? The added weight from having to haul the tires around would cut your gas usage down. Besides being something that would be ackward in trying to carry while you are either on the run from a herd or even trying to carry extra medical or food supplies. Now, I'm not saying not to have an extra set of tires somewhere stashed that you can get too. But if you have the tire patch/plug repair kit, you can fix just about any problem you have with a tire. The patch can fix a hole in the side walls, while the tire plug can fix any hole in the tread caused by nails, glass or whatever.

   I can see a small tire pump, because if your tire goes flat, or has a slow leak you are able to add air back to the tire. 

   I can see carrying and extra gallon or two in order to make sure you get back to camp or base.

   I just can't see having to carry and extra set of tires every time I have to go out and scavenge for supplies. 

side note:   The main thing in which most people have to remember when it comes to plugging a tire, that after placing the plug in the tire and applying the rubber cement, light it on fire in order to melt and set the plug. 

is that just for bike tires cause i know you don't do that for car ones

I do it with all tires...I've never had a problem out of any of the tires I've plugged...Car or Bike...Was showed that trick by an old mechanic that I worked for...Every tire I ever plugged working for him, only came back when replacing the tires on the car...

my dads a mechanic too never saw him do that, at least i dont think so but hey i never paid that much attention.

Its cool...Not many people know or use that method to much, due to the fumes from the rubber cement and the plug...Most mechanics nowadays just plug and roll...Which works too, but I've had plugs pull out shortly after just plugging and rolling...

   But like everything else, it just depends on the mechanic and who taught them...

D. Extra tires, while not breaking the camel's back, are definitely going to be cumbersome and take up too much space, that you could use for other supplies. Hell, I'd rather have spare bike parts, like hoses, clamps, and maybe another chain or two, than those two tires.

out of curiosity what of the above items do you think is needed the most!

Item needed the most on a bike like the pictured in the question isn't really one I would have to say 2 are mostly needed...The tire patch/ plug kit and air pump...I would have said gas, but ever tried to ride a bike with a flat...It's a really hard ride and almost impossible to control with a front flat....

cool cool i agree.

sorry guys you both got it wrong frankly its easier to carry the spare tires then both the pup and the tire patch kit. Also when time is of the essence and zombies are everywhere its easier to change a tire then to try and patch a flat.


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