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It's time to put all our zombie killing knowledge to the test, do you have what it takes to survive in a world over run by the living dead? Answer our daily zombie questions and you just might find out!



If in desperate need of food or supplies, you should travel into the nearest city to get them because you will have a great chance of finding what you need.



B: False


Situation: You and your team have decided to make camp next to a lake. In the far distance you see a body moving out on the water. You have a few hours until it is dark. What action should you take?


A: Leave it alone, it is too far away to reach you                                        

B: Move camp location further away from the lake                                      

C: Walk around the lake as a team to get a closer look then make a decision

D: Swim out to investigate the body closer and kill it if it's a zombie            


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   That depends on how you are facing the zombie, the distance between you and the zombie and is there some kind of barrier between you and the zombie. 

   Just for barebones sake, you are face to face with a zombie. The first thing we will end up doing, will be swinging with everything we have to the temple, in hopes of getting an instant kill. But as we know, that will only piss the zombie off, because we have to cause mass damage to the brain.

   If we can get a good angle on the zombie, we will end up trying either for the eye, or the ear canal. The eye socket is more of a direct route to the brain and has softer tissue in which to penetrate. Thrusting the end of the crowbar into the eye would most likely put it down faster. 


you were right with the temple but wrong about the eye socket. remember there is bone behind the eye.  not to mention your changing a swinging motion for a stabbing motion. Which on such a small target as the eye with the stress of the zombie encounter will make your odd of hitting and punching through fairly hard. and if you miss your striking the hardest part of the skull. meaning you wont do much damage if any to the zombie. always avoid striking the face of the zombie nature designed us to take the most punishment head on. going for the temple the weakest part of the skull, means you have the best chance of fracturing the skull. once compromised it will be much easier to make a second attack. this has been proven time and time again by the guys at zombie go boom.

Today's Question in up, do you know the right answer?

I would go with D first, which would give me an advantage then I would go for the kill shot A

correct answer. new question will be up soon.


no one has answered today's question yet, do you have the knowledge to survive a zombie apocalypse.

See this one is kind of hard to say. Parallel may mean one thing for one person and something different to someone else. When I hear parallel I figure it means coming straight at me. Which means I would either stay out in front of it or I would just wait for it to get closer and take it hand to hand. Why waste a bullet and alert other dead heads or living assholes to my location. 

But that's my way...

   But I guess in order to answer the question as a means of finding out the right one, I would most likely go with B.

well in this case parallel does not mean coming strait at you but vertically across form you. for instance your looking down the street from you and see a zombie at the intersection crossing from one side of the street to the other, perhaps after a fallen teammate. the the correct answer is c. at that distance you want to aim just on the edge of the target. this question is about proper leading when shooting a moving target.

I got gotcha

look forward to another question tomorrow.

new question now up test you knowledge of explosives.


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