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   You find yourself and your group in front of a what appears to be a perfect headquarters or compound to hold up in...It has some simple defensive fortifications...It has a large outside perimeter that is surrounded by a simple chain linked fence...Now you and your group have settled in and set up shop...Now you have to put a 3 layer protection system into place...

   What fortifications and perimeter traps and security systems do you put into place to protect you, your group and your compound???

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This one is kind of difficult for me...Because my first line of defense would be 100 yards outside the main perimeter...I would chance the drawing of the undead by building a 20 foot wide, 30 foot deep trench all the way around the compound...At 75 yards I would have trip lines that would be lined with all sorts of noise making materials...At 50 yards there would be a lot of old tricks I would pull out from Vietnam...Pungy stick holes, where the spears would be covered with zombie entrails and blood covering them...There would be all sorts of obstacles that would slow down any and all attackers...The chain linked fence would be re-enforced with vehicles parked against it...There would be guards in makeshift guard towers and guards walking the perimeter...I would try and have some of the defenses that they had in The Walking Dead at the prison...I would really use a lot of old school Vietnam, World War 1 and 2, Korean war tricks from both sides....

unless you can scavenge up a back hoe that trench is gonna be might hard to dig, even more so if you happen to have asphalt or cement int he way. it doesn't say where this is, but lets assume even if it is in the middle of no where a compound like this probably wont be build on just dirt. at the very least it will have roadways of a parking lot around it. even if it is just dirt at that radius with just man power, assuming your group is small tiered and suffering from malnutrition. all things to assume in a z-poc situation. even if your group is fully feed and not mental and physically drained the by the riggers of your day to day zombie life. you still have to hope you have enough shovels to give your force to dig that trench. how many do you have on hand now, how many do you think everyone else has, and will they remember to grab them when all hell breaks lose.

other wise i really like your idea just replace the mote with what they did in the walking dead comic, a maze of old cars with their tires flattened and there brakes on. sure zombies will slip past but thats not the point. the point is to slow them down so when that one or too does slip past you can dispatch them. since zombie are only dangerous when they surprise you or when their in a group forcing them to funnel in and slow down is the key. i would also create lours like wood bury did but in a large circle way out round your base. get them before they get close. and hey there is a use for everything even zombies. say what you want about the governor but he had some good ideas.

That's why I said I would take a chance on drawing zombies by using a backhoe...Thought I typed it, but guess I was moving really fast...(LOL)  But I agree, that's why I said there would many things in the way and hopefully figure out a way to actually guide the zombies around the compound...Kind of like a roadblock funnel where the cars would make a simple circle around the compound...BUt there's a lot of ways that you can fortify a place and detour zombies and even the living around you....I just gave a simple and quick type of layout...

its cool im jsut not a fan of trenches to hard to pull of and not worth the effort to me.


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