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This is an app for my droid called Zombie, Run. it uses google maps to locate you, then you select the spot on the map your traveling to, (say your going to work, or the store, or a friends house), select, controled outbreak, early infestation, late infestation, or total pandemic, select their speed, then travel on your way, trying to avoid the zombies on your travels. its pretty fun...I mean, depending on where youre going, you may not be able to take an alternate route to avoid being eaten, (dont wanna be a half hour late for work cuz the zombie was coming on your phone lol) but if your just dicking around, its something fun to do...check it out, called Zombie, Run.


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now while looking for an image, I came across a different app, called zombies, run. this one uses audio to immerse you in a story, you have to "collect items" and return to your base, plus they incorporate other "survivors" the other one looks WAY more fun, Ima have to check that one out.

huh, just noticed my poor grammer, I used the wrong tense....shouldve been this one looks WAY more fun, Ima have to check this one out

Thanks for the info now I need a droid. I have a htc evo let me check to see what is available. 

will it work on a Toshiba Thrive? that is what i have at the moment. still learning the ins and outs on it. lol.


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